December 10, 2013

Tuesdays Unwrapped... Letting Go of the Crazy

Ya'll... it's December 10th!

December 10th!!!

I know...  I know maybe if you are new(ish) around here, or don't know me in real life - this may not mean much to you but to me and my family, December 10th has long been my self-imposed Deadline to go crazy and have a mini melt down in order to finish All. The. Things.  


This year, thanks to maturing,  no not that... thanks to Advent, I have approached the season with a slower pace... but still - December 10th is here and so today is the last possible day of Crazy that is allowed in this house.

For several years... maybe a decade? - I have given myself this 'deadline' of sorts to be all done with the Christmas shopping and decorating and party planning and wrapping of gifts and all the bossy lists of things to do this season.  December 10th... I set it at first because back in the day I was that one girl who was mostly done by August anyway... I know... (I'm sorry!)  Those days are over. Long gone. A distant memory.  I think they faded when my Little was not so little anymore and her wants were not so easily purchased months in advance (and in a toy aisle!) 

Still... December 10th is still doable.  Even if I don't start until mid-October Black Friday... I can do this!

Normally - the last few days (which means December 7-10th) can get a little cray cray around here... lots of stress and rushing around and it seems insane to all the unlookers and people who don't live here because - well - I DO realize that it is still weeks before Christmas.  However - I normally push through the tense muscles, the deep breathing, the midnight wrapping, and the too-much-coffee-consuming-while-trying-to-make-and-address-these-cards parts and I make it! 

I get through the whirlwind of December 10th and then... gloriously have nothing (no. thing.) to do until Christmas Eve.  I mean - sure... there is the baking, and the parties, and the caroling maybe... there's the Christmas movies and hot chocolate and driving around looking at all the pretty lights... there is all of the FUN stuff... but there is nothing else!

(See?  Brilliant, right?)

So today... seeing this on my (only somewhat-) Bossy List, it didn't stir up anxiety or cause my heart (or car) to race!  I really am mostly done!

Tonight is December 10th... and thanks to The Nester and her also brilliant NOT To Do list and boldness in loudly declaring that she is not sending Christmas Cards (AND is not feeling guilty about it!) I followed her lead and crossed that off my list this year as well!  Not an easy task, mind you! I make cards for a living... I love the handmade craftiness of a holiday card and of course - I write a family Christmas Letter. (I know right? You're so surprised!)  But we had agreed as a family that we were cutting back on spending in order to give more this Christmas and as much as I love the whole ritual of Christmas cards and snail mail... it was one expense that seemed easy enough to skip! (Then again... after the holidays - you may just receive a handmade Martin Luther King Day card... Oh you laugh, but it could happen!)

I will still write a Christmas Letter... I know... see? It's gonna be alright! Exhale!  It will have to sort of go viral online to reach everyone, however I refuse to worry about it!

Instead, I will be making breakfast for dinner and wrapping gifts tonight!  The Christmas Letter? I'll work on that (gasp!) tomorrow...

After all, it's Advent right? And Advent is all about the waiting... it's all about His coming... and so I stick by my self-imposed tradition (and reserve the right to break my own rules) and I will still be done with the running around of Christmas, just in time to slow down and breathe in all that matters! I will make time to wait... 

Because... He's always worth it!

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  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Bahaha! I'm not laughing at you, but I'm getting this mental picture of myself trying to get "it" all done by December 10 when I'm normally just hitting my stride at that time. Seriously, every year I think I'm going to get ahead so I can relax and enjoy the season, and every year finds me running around like a chicken with my head cut off. This year, though, I'm doing daily (mostly) Advent readings and I find that I'm letting go of the pressure to do all the things. And for once I'm feeling that sense of waiting, that anticipation of His coming.

    1. Hey my friend - whatever works, right? My way is not the right way - it's just right for me! I find I need the slow down and a bit of quiet to really drink in Christmas! (Plus - I have an Only... who is nearly grown - so all my holiday running around is less chaotic right there!) ;)

      Love that you are doing Advent and letting go too! Yay for less pressure to do All The Things!

  2. Anonymous8:22 PM

    I have and I guess I will always be a last minute get it done person. I spend the first part of Dec thinking about birthdays ( yep both my kids are Dec babies) then I normally go start full Christmas mode around the the 10th. So in other words, when you are planning to be finished I am just planning to get started.

    1. My hubby is a December baby too... (the day after... I know, right? Everyone be sad for him! LOL!) Birthdays are worth your attention and effort for sure... and that just adds a little extra Cray Cray to your month, but it also stretches out the celebrating for weeks and weeks! What's not to love about that?

  3. Oh man, I'm so far behind. I love that you set this deadline for yourself. I should try it next year!

    1. Barbie... honestly - it is the best gift I give myself each year! I remember grace for myself when it seems impossible - but it helps to have a couple of weeks to NOT have to rush and hurry! Then again... I am so much more "Mary" than I am "Martha" - so I thrive on a bit of sitting at His feet! ;) Try it next year and let me know what you think!

  4. Love how you just show your cray cray and how you are letting go (maybe to embrace a new crazy - MLK handmade cards, anyone?). I'm lucky to get some of the things, let alone all of the things, even on a list. Love your heart!! I'll be looking for that Facebook note to read and share. Maybe just a blog post we can pin and post and RT all over the interwebs. :)

    1. Amy - first off - I love that you caught the MLK comment... that just may win you a card, my friend!

      LOL... my crazy is showing? Well - I suppose when the goal is to be real - a little cray cray is bound to slip out now and then, yes?

      How much do I love that you are all on board to help make my Christmas Letter go viral? All of the sudden I feel added pressure to make it stellar! ;)

      Love you!

  5. Ha, done by December 10... that's about when I suddenly realize that if there are gonna be presents under the tree, I better get in gear... I wish Santa was real and handled that part for me :)
    Except the cookies... I bake them well in advance so we can enjoy them ALL MONTH LONG!!! :)

    1. Julie - honestly - that seems to be the norm! I am the crazy one... but it works for me! ;)

      Oh and the cookies... I went for years without any baking (due to low self control!) but today - I am getting my Bake on! (and quickly giving most of them away!) Looking forward to some apron wearing and cookie dough rolling today!


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