December 28, 2013

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 24 (ish)

So - did ya'll survive Christmas?  Well - because it was Christmas week and I didn't really read MUCH this week... many of my normal places to sit and read were a bit quieter this week, for good reason! (Family and celebrating, waiting and unwrapping!) because of all of that - I thought I would do something just a little different this week!

I considered not counting it as Volume 24... but decided it counts!

I asked my Facebook friends to share their FAVORITE Gift that they RECEIVED and their FAVORITE Gift that they GAVE... here's some of the responses:

* Kindle paperwhite and skor scrubbies for received. And gift gave was organic apples to family far away. (They love them and ask for them each year!) ~Katie

Received: Starbucks card and Gave: my daughter her favorite DVD (Gene Wilder "Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory") ~Lisa

My violin was my favourite gift received. Favourite gift given were some homemade quilted table runners. ~Leah Ann

Received: a glass candle stick cake plate from the 60's. Gave: a handmade leather Rogue Journal. ~Janelle

 Received: the scarf my daughter bought on her own.  Gave: cowbell for my daughter (inside joke) and the pants I thought were camo for my son, but ended up being PG13 and are going back!!! We laughed and laughed and laughed! ~Toni (and she posted a picture of the said 'camo' on facebook, and then I laughed and laughed and laughed!)

I received a beautiful metal star that my daughter and family got for me while we were in Leavenworth. Gift we gave was the hundred dollar tip we left our waitress at Shari's on Christmas Eve... She cried. ~Barbara

*  Favorite gift received was a new purse. Favorite gift given were copies of my book to unsaved family members! ~Barbie

* Received was a plane ticket to Texas. Given was framed photos of my girls to our grandparents. ~Kelly

* Favorite gift received: a new gratitude journal (I ran out of room in mine the day before Christmas) Favorite gift given to another: my kids stockings..those are always fun to put together and they really look forward and appreciate them! ~Rachel

My favorite gift to give was helping another couple buy gifts for their children, and my favorite gift received was a purse from my husband. :) ~Jennifer

* Received: MacBook Given: I want to cheat and say every gift I gave was my favorite, but I loved seeing my hubster playing his new guitar on Christmas Eve...redeemed talent for God's glory. ~Amy

Received: handmade Seahawk Calendar, given: Trumpet ~Sandra

* ReceivedI got a sweater to replace the 10 yr old one that I live in. Gave: my beautiful mosaic piece. ~Julie

* I gave my mom and dad handwritten letters telling them how much I appreciated all they are to me along with some photos and frames. I got (received) book shelves and desk chair for my new home office. ~Amy

For me - my Favorite gift given (other than as a family giving to The Mercy House Project) it would be the handmade Scrapbook of my Girlies' Graduation Week... Favorite gift received is harder because while we don't trade much - each gift is hand picked and I love them all! I love the unique candle my girlie bought me (It's sparkly and it looks like a Cableknit sweater!) ...the new CDs (Jack Johnson and Lady Antebellum) & I got THREE gorgeous scarves! (You know me and Favorites... I always break the rules!)

I sort of love to see what people love to give... and what they received that blessed them so!  It reminds me that it's so often really not about how much was spent and we can forget that in the midst of shopping and stress!

C'mon now - play along with me

What was your Favorite Gift GIVEN and RECEIVED?

We'll be back next week with the regular hook ups... the gathering of Awesome and live links and a Video too... but for now... comment below with your Favorites!

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  1. Loved this post! It totally counts. Blessings!


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