December 7, 2013

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 21

Last week I sort of took the easy way out... a small gathering of videos that inspired and blessed.  It worked... but I know how you are and I know that you - like me - love to READ all kinds of Awesome, so we are back and ready to hook you up with some of the Amazing that happened all over the internet this week! 

Without further ado... here we go!
Happy Reading!

* This one by Sarah Bessey on Advent because... well - it's Sarah Bessey, and I am just truly learning about Advent myself!

* This post over at The MOB Society by Emily Wierenga on why she wants her sons to be like Ron Swanson

* This post by Jennifer Dukes Lee on meeting the filthy rich - so much yes! I love that she has invited us to come with her on her family trip to Haiti!

* This one by Jon Acuff on how to survive "Christmas Shoes"

* This by Christie Purifoy... again - on Advent and how a weary world rejoices.

* This little piece of Awesome by Erika Morrison over at The Life Artist... I dare you to read this and not come just a little bit undone!

* This post on when Hope shows up and lands on you softly by Ann Voskamp!

* This tender post by Amber Haines... "We’re forced to live in the now, because any imagined future that is tinged with doubt wears a devil’s mask. Hope in the revelation of Jesus is the only future that faith imagines. I hope to see the face of God."

* This post - because really - how could we not just pause a moment, and honor a man who laid down his life and showed us the (better) way... this - by Lisa Jo Baker over at Deeper Story.

* The post right here from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace where I "Reflect" for Five Minute Friday.

Of course - we now come to the video portion... because, you know... "that's how we do!" 

My favorite Christmas Song...

What did I miss? Did you find anything Amazing online this week that I didn't list here? Link it in the comments and share the love, and let me know what YOUR favorite Christmas song is, friends!

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  1. So honored to be included in a list of such excellence. Happy Advent, Karrilee!


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