June 13, 2013

When you realize you haven't been listening...

I sit down to write... to tap out words on a screen that I hope will encourage... will bring life and hope and draw in community.  My desire whenever I write is to write out of what He is saying to me... what He is showing or growing in me... to always point to Him.

I believe in the shift that happens when you step in to pieces of who you are! I remember reading Jeff Goins Writers Manifesto and thinking yes! But I was thinking it quietly and under my breath at first!  I recall  the feeling of first standing tall up in the calling and saying it out loud to myself and to others, "I am a writer."  I ordered business cards that clearly states it... and then I dove into the business side of things - but to be honest, at least for now, I can only do that for very short amounts of time before I feel the need to run.  I can discipline myself to write consistently (which really, for me - in this season - that is all He is asking of me!) and I can make a bossy list and set up a writing schedule with the best of them...

So far, however, what has happened about a few weeks in - is that I begin to write out of what I've already known.  I write and point to Him... I try to be real and honest and at some times, really honest... but I can fall into a routine that leaves little room to listen for the Fresh.  Due to the fact that I am prophetic in nature - I love a "now" word... I want something new, something that has just taken MY breath away - and I want to share it with you - in hopes that He will swoop in and take your breath away, too!

So as I sit down to write - because, well - with Graduation week, and a cancer diagnosis, and summer officially beginning around this house... I just haven't made the time to write consistently here - or anywhere. I juggle within me many calls... many roles I fill up in daily life - and many of them this year have opened up wide with opportunity and I find it difficult at times to know which one is priority. This week alone - amidst all the family celebrations and prayer vigils (which ARE priority!) - I've had a Family Portrait session with photo editing on my plate, two custom art projects that are due in less than a week, a few 'extra' writing projects, and this blog right here!  The laundry - for a minute anyway - is all caught up and the dishes are done... but just wait until everyone wakes up!

However, instead of pushing through my list of Bossy and tackling what's next - I sit... I slow my mind and my heart... I listen!  I ask Him - Lord, what do YOU want to say here, on this blog today?  What is Your heart for the readers who You will draw here?

This is what He spoke to my heart...

"Breathe, my Beloved! Oh - how you so often just forget to BREATHE!

Give yourself a little Grace and remember that out of everyone... out of every little and big thing that is pressing in on you, I Am not in a hurry!

Just Breathe... inhale fully - fill your lungs and your spirit and breathe Me in... feel Me near... hear the faint beating of My heart for you grow louder and louder as you breathe in deeply. I Am. Right. Here!

You know this... you know how to slow down time and remain present in the moment.  You are learning... and it takes practice.

You want the instant... you desire for things to be made easy.  Your perfectionistic heart wants things to just fall in line - but old growth takes TIME.  Look at your Garden.  Pour a cup of coffee and come out and sit with Me in the Garden. Those peonies have history that only you know... a gift, a start from prized peonies that grew alongside a friend as she lived life and learned how to bloom - they grew strong in a different city.  When you look at those - you see their beauty - but they are even more beautiful because you know where they came from and what they went through to get here.

Don't forget that it is the same with us.  When I look at you, my Daughter, my Bride... I SEE you! I see ALL of you... I see your yesterdays and all of your tomorrows. I see you today - in this moment!

Tell your readers that I see them too... I see them right where they are, right now... I see their successes and what they view as failures.  Remind them that from My perspective - I see them redeemed.  I see their stresses and worries.  Remind them that I've got them in the palm of My Hand and I've got this... I will not forget and I will not ignore.  I hear them when they cry out and I hear them in their silence! My heart beats for them - for each and every one of them and I desire more than anything else to spend time with them.  Not an appointment to be checked off their list of things to do... Not an unrealistic hour (or four) to spend in prayer.

My desire is to spend time with them in the midst of all of their days.  I go with you... all of you... wherever you go and I am as far away as the air you breathe!

I know some things right now would be easier if I could just wave My hand and make it go away... or come into fruition... if I would open this door or close that one... but just because I am not making it easy - do not think for one minute that I am not in it! Don't fall for the lie that I am not with you!

Old growth... that Ivy that stays green through every season and withstands the winds and the rains and the cold of winter... that is old growth - full of lush and green and life!  Don't forget that some things take time... but I work inside and outside of time and I've got this!

I've got you!

Don't forget to Breathe..."

Can I encourage you to stop - right now - wherever you are... and Breathe Him In!

Seriously - slow down... close your eyes for just a moment, and breathe deeply. Can you feel Him near? Can you hear Him singing? Let Him wrap His arms of Love around you and pull you in... let Him whisper to your heart and pour out to fill up your spirit... can you feel the refreshing?  It comes instant and it is not Bossy and it doesn't need to take an hour.  Turn your heart towards Him... and you will find that there He is, right beside you - right INSIDE of you - and He's been there all the while!

Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On.

Photographs by ©Blessed Memories, taken of my Spring Garden 2013.


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