June 4, 2013

Behind the Scenes - They're a Real Treat!

OK... so - I may not be 'playing' right, but the adorable Crystal Stine is hosting a link up today and because my week is crazy - I thought... wow - that sounds so fun! I will have to play that one day.  You know, in the future... as in, one OTHER day... 

But then I read a few of the posts and I couldn't help myself from jumping in... 

By 'not playing right' - I mean that this first snapshot is just that... a snapshot.  Not really Instagram (as if I had a phone that smart) or Pinterest worthy... and yet - here it is:

This was taken on Sunday.  It is my precious Girlie on the left and her BFF on the right.  It is her BFF's birthday/graduation party.  She was supposed to get up there and share a story or a memory, but before she was even singled out and pushed up front, she was a mess.

My tender-hearted, resist-change, wants-everything-to-stay-the-same girlie has not - shall we say - had a hard time crying as of late!  She is emotional and I mean that in all the best ways!

So she goes up trying to steady her voice, and - you know - basically not blubber AND do the ugly cry.

Yeah... she couldn't not do any of that... which caused her BFF to cry... which brought them both instantly into hysterical laughing... and ended with some incoherent mumblings and a hug.

These girls... unexpected friends since the end of middle school.  They went through all the awkward and drama-filled years of junior high together... church youth group outings, summer camps, small group gatherings, sleep-overs, sickness, hearts breaking (and breaking... and breaking)... Each of them found themselves in situations over their heads and when they needed a life line... a voice of reason (that was not their moms!)... a sister who offered Grace and Forgiveness, Hope, Love and Laughter - they found it in each other!

Friends through some major life challenges... holding each other up... lifting each other up... making fun and light at times - and talking real and blunt at others... they have helped to grow each other up and after all the Hard... I am so glad that they can still have this:

Yeah... they're a real treat!

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