January 15, 2013

One Small Step toward some God-Sized Dreams

Yeah - that's right... I said it!  DreamS - as in more than one!

If you have been around here, or facebook, or know me in(RL) - you know that I am not so great at picking a favorite!  I just can't do it hate being locked in to just one (fill in the blank!)  I am terrible at those Lists of Favorite Things... you know, your favorite song; your favorite color; your favorite ice cream... who can pick just one of ANY of those things? Not too mention Dreams!? Just ONE? Really?

Now I know the importance and power and effectiveness of FOCUS. So choosing one dream at a time seems very wise and maybe even more productive, but what do you do when it seems that the Lord is opening doors for SEVERAL Dreams... and all at the same time?

This has been an unfolding 'problem' for me over the past several months or longer.  One door opens wide and I excitedly say Yes to adventure... Yes to Creativity... Yes to opportunity! ...and God blesses it.  Before I have a chance to really catch my breath and process what it could mean, or what is should mean, or what I should be doing next... a different door opens up and it seems He is ushering me toward it.

Recently, I have realized that maybe - just maybe - He intends to wind all three of my passions together.  This is why when I first took the dare to boldly say out loud what my Dream is - I was surprised by it.  Always, it has been writing.  Recently - it's expanded to include a passion for Photography. The third door is a door I am familiar with and built a business around... it is Art - but this time - it is a completely new form... something I am not confident in or necessarily talented at and yet - doors continue to open!

So this week we were encouraged by Holley Gerth to take one small step towards our Dream. Just one... the smaller the better.  Because I am an over-achiever can be a bit over the top, I did 3.  One for each Dream.  Okay... truth be told, I did 4. One for each dream, and 1 for the dream that may just incorporate all the others!

1. Writing - I put myself out there and offered to write a Guest Post for a couple of Blogs. Baby steps, right?

2. Photography - I took a class for Basic Photography as a refresher... (The class was great... my bowing to intimidation was not so great... but something I intend to learn from and overcome at the next opportunity!)

3. Art - I said yes.  I shared last week for our Five Minute Friday post on DIVE that I designed the artwork for a Women's Retreat and they called this afternoon to ask if I would teach a class on Prophetic Art. One Small Step... felt like a Giant Leap for sure... but I said yes!

4. Lastly - in keeping with the God-Sized Dream that I talked about last week, I decided not to let my head-on battle with intimidation from a few days ago shut me up or stop me from moving forward!  My God-Sized Dream involves creating community with sisters, daughters, mothers, friends... sharing words and experiences and life - written, spoken, whispered... on the page, over coffee, or from a stage... my God-Sized Dream is to create Community where our hearts can connect, and you can know - REALLY KNOW - without a doubt, of his amazing, abiding love for you... and what better way - and easier One Small Step - than to sign up to host an in(RL) Meet Up in April?

So what about you?  What kind of God-Sized Dreams are you entertaining lately?  I encourage you to take just one small step toward it... you are not alone... together - one step at a time... we can see our Dreams unfold into reality!


Linking up again today with Holley and other God-inspired Dreamers! Click HERE to read what small steps others are taking towards fulfilling the Dreams He has planted!


  1. Anonymous9:16 AM

    It's totally okay to have more than one dream and I love how yours really do fit together so beautifully. :)

  2. Holly @ The Belle Mere9:38 AM

    Wow, that is so amazing. Your passion and love and enthusiasm comes shining through your post. May God continue to bless and lead you. I will be following to see where you go! Love, Holly


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