January 30, 2013

Looking Back, Moving Forward

I have to say, after deciding to join up with Holley Gerth and her amazing community of God-Sized Dreamers it seems my mind and my heart have been slammed with things that pull and push and cry out for my focus!  Such is life, right?  But we have a choice: do we allow our Dreams to once again get pushed to the side while we juggle all that is thrown our way or do we come to the realization that our Dream (what ever it is!) is a priority and we are worth the investment of our own time and attention?  To be honest, for me - I have had seasons of both!  I just blogged about the importance of staying the course and scheduling in some 'Me time' in the midst of a bossy list and full crazy calendar!  I realized that when I pencil in Me Time, I somehow get more time! You can read that post on my other blog here.

So this weeks 'assignment' if you will came at just the right time! Holley encouraged us Dreamers to look back... to reflect back over our lives and think to another time when we took some positive action... she asked us what was one thing that helped us move forward and how can you - can WE - apply that again!  So the past several days I have been looking back, in order to move forward!  You see - I tend to be all in and focused for awhile... but pressures of life weigh down and it's not that the passion wains but more like it gets stuck and I can't see my way through to forward motion again.

For years, the Lord ever so gently spoke to me and worked with me about my lack of Follow Through.  Oh I would start something full on - but if it dragged on... I would allow my focus to shift and something else would become my priority!  In 2008, I decided I would focus on ONE thing... all year... just one thing would become my priority.  This was before the days of picking One Word (at least for me!) - but I had resolved that this year (2008) would be Change and I would not run from it! 

So... this was me, towards the end of 2007:

I went on to lose a total of 75 pounds... and this was me, about 18 months later:

 Then, for some (still) unknown reason - I hit that infamous wall... that plateau. It didn't matter WHAT I did, nothing was working! Still - I pressed on... but honestly - it got very discouraging! VERY.  I regained about 15 pounds over the course of nearly 2 years. Never completely giving up... still tracking my foods, still working out... I was just missing the outside results!  But something shifted... I pulled back from the online community that I had found that helped me to lose the weight in the first place, and I stopped making goals.  It got to be too depressing to make what was once an easy, doable goal - and again and again, not be able to reach it.  I got tired of not being able to cheer on the others, and not be able to say, "See? We can do this!" because I was beginning to let doubt come in and I was not so sure anymore!  I continued to watch what I ate and exercised regularly, but I stopped weighing myself consistently and somewhere along the line, I stopped believing I could actually do it! 

So Holleys' call to look back at what has worked caused me to realize that I need to get back to setting those short term goals.  Maybe not all based around a number on a scale - but something that I can focus on, reach for, and grasp hold of!  When I was on a roll - I was making goal after goal... trying new things... staying positive... (counting blessings!) and I need to get back to that, both in my weightloss efforts, and in my reaching for my Dreams!  Secondly, I need to get back to Community!  Having that connection helped keep me accountable and helped my focus remain secure - plus it gave me a place to encourage others (which is always my heart!)

So my tip:  Small, "do what you can" steps (as she calls them!)... they help you to stay focused and not overwhelmed! If you are like me, you can tend to look at the big picture and all the details between here and there can be overwhelming! So - while still keeping the big picture in mind, focus in on the next thing... the one detail that is first... set a goal... keep your focus... do what you can... and surround yourself with Community to help cheer you on!  You - WE - really CAN do this!

So - what is your Dream?  Set a Goal with me and let me know how I can be praying for you!

Once again, I am linking up with Holley and fellow God-Sized Dreamers at:

(My goal is to do an Alpha Reset Juice Fast next week - hoping believing it will help to reset my body and I can get back to losing!)


  1. Thanks for the reminder to set short term goals! I think when we don't have them we miss out on the encouragement that comes from reaching them. We could even be accomplishing just as much, but without the goal we are always just looking at the miles left to run! Your post really encouraged me! Thank you!

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my photo and verse post. God bless you on following your dreams. I think you are right, just take it one step at a time. Do what you can do now, even if it's just a small beginning.

  3. Yes my friend, one step at a time. Sometimes I get too overwhelmed looking at all the little pieces at the same time. Step by step, that's my new motto!

  4. First of all Karrilee, Congratulations on losing 75lbs... What an accomplishment! God uses the hard places {and commitments} to teach us perseverance...and when we have persevered in this life, we shall inherit a much greater reward in heaven. One step at a time. Keep it up!


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