January 14, 2013

Diving In... Keeping Time... Pressing on

I am linking up today with Ann Voskamp and "multitudes on mondays" in counting on... in giving thanks. By drinking in our blessings, by unwrapping them simply by acknowledging them, we are finding it is filling us up!

In keeping with my OneWord (Surprise) - I am purposing to be a bit more spontaneous... more adventurous... (flexible, if you will!) and in doing that, my Mondays have changed.

For over a decade now, I have had a band of Happy Intercessors gather in my living room... a powerful and precious community of women who have taught me and let me teach them... we have lived real life together... out loud, messy, honest... vulnerable.  We have prayed, and dug in deep to the word, we have read books and sang songs, and gotten out of our comfort zones to go out beyond these walls.  However, for 6 weeks anyway, we have switched things up!  We are meeting on Tuesdays at another friends' home and we are learning together how to count! How to Keep time... how to live fully, right where we are!  We are watching the DVD series 'one thousand gifts'.

So - this morning, when my home is normally filled with smells of coffee and candles and sounds of worship and prayer... I sat in quietness, and counted off gifts, one by one... adding to my ever growing list of one thousand and beyond:

#634) The faint sound of traffic outside, reminding me of the gift of Slowing Down.

#635) A compliment that warms and blesses.

#636) Regaining confidence after being (too easily-) intimidated.

#637) New Chris Tomlin CD on replay... over and over... feeding my soul.

#638) A month later... for Teachers and Staff who stepped up, hovered over, and kept safe.

#639) Squeezing in Yoga on an over-scheduled day!

#640) My favorite Scarf, striped and happy and cozy warm.

#641) That His whispers speak louder - deeper - than the internal screaming doubts of my fears.

#642) That His Love never fades, never gives up, never runs out on me!

#643) That He would bless me - Bless. Me. - with such an amazing little family - so filled with love.

You can click the image below to read more of the gifts that are being unwrapped today... with multitudes on mondays and comment below.

What is on your list of gifts... ways He has blessed you today?  I'd love to hear how He is showing up for you in everyday ways! 

Speak Life, Be Love, and Count On!

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