October 26, 2006

Allow Him to Tend your Garden!

During worship the other day, I 'saw' in the spirit a heart that had soil in it... and the Master Gardener's hands shifting things around in it... 

He was weeding some stuff out and planting good seed. 

He was Cultivating the soil of our hearts... aerating them, breaking up the hard ground, taking out the weeds by the roots, and pruning the healthy plants. 

As any good gardener - He had vision and could see the end result, (while I could only see all the dirt.) 

I do not have a green thumb. We have a wonderful little mini garden outside our front door... I love it! I have a little sitting area there and can enjoy it for a couple of seasons... my husband is the one who loves to plant and weed and plan for next year. I benefit greatly from all his work! I sometimes offer to help out - but it seems I do not always know the difference between a weed and a healthy plant... sometimes he doesn't know either - until we let it 'bloom' and find it choking life out of the other nearby plants. 

We are learning as we go. 

But, God - our Master Gardener... the Author and Finisher of our faith... He has vision beyond what we could imagine, and He knows the things in our 'gardens' (our hearts!) that may SEEM like a plant - but in the end will choke out the Life He has planted within us... 

He is in a season of reaching in, shifting things about, preparing us for the season ahead. 

That will take some weeding... that will take some raking about and digging around - but the end result we can rest assured, will be one of beauty with lush, rich soil, deep roots, and gorgeous flowers for all to enjoy!

Hand Him the keys to your Garden... 

Allow Him access to enter the gates around your heart,
and to begin to stir up the soil... 
to weed out what is not going to bear good fruit...
to plant in your new thoughts, new desires, new ideas, ...invite Him in and sit back,
and watch His vision for you begin to bloom!

I pray Many Blessings & New Growth for you... and I pray that you will remember to:

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  1. Karrilee, I know that I have mentioned before that my children are young. I feel like I have planted and watered and I am looking for signs of growth. Just because the growth might be happing underground where I can't see it yet, doesn't mean it isn't happening. Thank you for sharing this throw back Thursday. :-) -Jolene


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