October 4, 2006

"May I Have This Dance?"

A New Dance...
I once again had the pleasure of meeting with the Lord on Tuesday, along with some precious sisters for the soul purpose of Worship and Prayer. On my way there, I was asking Him what He had for us and what He wanted to say... I felt such a strong need for intercession in the Spirit that I moved on in prayer as I drove.
After we talked a bit and Sheri led us in a Bible study with verses from Galatians Chapter 2- 5; & 1 John Chapter 2, we entered into worship and prayer. When the music first began, I heard in my spirit, "May I Have This Dance?"'
As I continued to pray, I fought off frustration as it felt as if there was a closed ceiling, not the 'open heavens' I am used to during this Prayer meeting! When I asked the LORD why, He simply said, "Intercede... it's an Individual thing I am doing today!" I heard the word "Integrity" as well and then was led to Psalm 25 and Psalm 41. The Webster's Dictionary defines "Integrity" as: "firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : INCORRUPTIBILITY; an unimpaired condition: SOUNDNESS; the quality or state of being complete or undivided : COMPLETENESS. Synonym see HONESTY ." We are called to a life of Integrity... and as He is drawing us closer to one another, and calling us to be transparent with each other... integrity must be present as well for true Completeness and Honesty to come forth!
Next, I saw in the spirit, the Lord approaching me, and He asked again, "May I have this dance?" I hesitated for a moment, unsure of how to dance with God... I saw others then all around us on a dance floor. He was everyone's Partner and Jesus was dancing with many at the same time - all over the ballroom. Each couple seemed to have their own dance... different steps and turns and styles. I thought, "OK - I'll give it a try!" and I began to dance. It seemed difficult, and frustrating... it wasn't flowing and graceful... so I stopped dancing and just stood there, disappointed and feeling like I failed somehow. He pulled me closer to continue the Dance, and I admitted, "I don't know how.... I can't do it... I don't KNOW the Dance!?" A smile spread across His face and into His eyes and He said, "Aaaah - Yes! But I DO!!!" He pulled me into His embrace. "I know the Dance I have for you! If you will just follow my lead, we can dance together in this Song!"
It's a New Day... requiring a New Dance and a New Song! While we may not know the steps, or the words, we can rest assured that He does! He Does!!!
I was reminded of a friend of mine who shared a story awhile back... She had attended a Women's Conference several years ago and the week before that, God had given her a new dance in worship. While at the conference, she felt the Lord ask her to go to the front and dance for Him. She felt extremely incompetent and intimidated - worrying what others would think and if she would look silly! She was somewhat new to dancing in worship and was not yet bold in public. She quietly sat in disobedience - broken, but unwilling to step into the Dance. In a matter of minutes, she said that she saw several other women walking down the aisles toward the front. They were coming from all directions of the arena and they each began to worship... and dance. It seemed they were unaware of each other and yet, their Dance flowed and became one! My friend saw her empty space, where she fit into the Dance of Worship. They were dancing the same dance that the Lord had given her earlier. She knew then, we all have our part... HE had given her a piece of that Dance and had a purpose and a plan for her in that Dance! She knows now when the Lord calls her to dance, she dances! Amen!?
We all have our part... our anointing or gifting... our calling... our own individual 'Dance', if you will! It's a New Day, time for a New Song, and a New Dance!
I pray you will
Step into your Dance,
Sing a New Song,
& enter a New Day
with Him this week!

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