October 18, 2006

Accept the Scepter

"Accept the Scepter..."

That is what the Lord keeps saying to me. "Accept the Scepter!" He began saying this to me a few years ago... I sort of tucked it away and knew it was a good word - but also it was not a word for 'today'. However, I can feel in my spirit, a coming breakthrough... a coming new season... a coming newness and freshness to our callings! I believe we are about to enter deeper into a thing... whatever level of revelation you are operating in now... I believe MORE is on it's way!

I didn't write about last week's prayer meeting. I honestly didn't write much while I was there either. I feel that what I experienced there was for the purpose of praying - not necessarily sharing. It was powerful... but what I will say is that the Lord through many vessels confirmed to us that He IS covering us... that He DOES in fact, have our backs. We need to be able to rest in that... we need to rely on it and unwind in it... we need to accept it and expect it - once we are able to do that.. possibly for the first time for some of us - and for some - it will be a returning to that place of knowing... but once we are able to do that... our breakthroughs will come! Because our focus will be not on fear and worrying and trying to 'cover' ourselves...(we've seen how well our own 'fig leaves' can cover us!)when we can trust in and rely on God's coming through for us and covering our backs no matter what - then we are freed to follow through! That is huge for me, ladies! I have to admit - many many countless times in the past, my follow through has not been so successful! I feel God calling us to a greater level of faith and trust in His ability to care for us SO THAT we will go forth and fulfill that for which we were created! Our destiny awaits us!

Whenever I think of 'destiny' - my mind often wanders to Esther. I simply love this story! Yes - I am a true romantic at heart and that is so much of the story of Esther. Having just watched "One Night With the King" the story is fresh in my mind and on my heart. Last week - the Lord asked me to read Revelations 2:27. I got busy... I pushed it aside and honestly just forgot all about it. The other morning... He woke me up in the middle of the night. I go through seasons of night watch intercession. I have to be careful though, because I do enjoy my sleep - and after so many days, I have been known to ask Him to stop waking me up! I know it sounds terrible - but it is true... and He is such a gentleman - not only does He stop waking me... He blesses my sleep as well. If it has been too long - I will go to Him in prayer and remind Him that I didn't mean forever - but just for a season. (Usually that will result in those midnight prayer sessions soon after!) I had recently realized that I had not gotten up in the quiet of the night for quite awhile. When I found myself wide awake, I thought it was a call to get up and pray but as I was getting out of bed... He simply said - "Go back to sleep - but remember the Reference!" Groggy, I couldn't focus in on what He was saying. I looked at the clock and it was 2:27a.m. I remembered Rev 2:27 and quickly fell back asleep!

As I was doing my devotions the next morning, I was reading in Zechariah again... I have been LOVING this passage of Scripture lately:

"For I, says the Lord, will be to her a wall of fire round about, and I will be the glory in the midst of her... Sing and rejoice, O Daughter of Zion; for behold, I come, and I will dwell in the midst of you, says the Lord... Thus says the Lord of hosts: If you will walk in My ways and keep My charge, then also you shall rule My house and have charge of My courts, and I will give you access [to My presence] and places to walk among these who stand here." Zech 2:5; 10; 3:7

So awesome! So - I began to think of Esther again and how the King's Scepter was offered to her...and how the Scepter was a symbol of the King's Power and Authority and when it is offered it reveals favor! ""If I have found favor with you, O king, and if it pleases your majesty..." (Esther 7:3) I looked up the word Scepter. In the Holman's Bible Dictionary is is defined as: "The official staff or baton of a king, symbolic of his authority. It probably was descended from the ancient club carried by the prehistoric rulers. As part of the royal regalia, the scepter was extended to a visitor or dignitary to signal approval of the visit and allow the person to approach the throne." I was then reminded of the Reference the Lord had been asking me to read.

Revelation 2:26 & 27 reads: "And he who overcomes (is victorious) and who obeys My commands to the [very] end [doing the works that please Me], I will give him authority and power over the nations; (Verse 27:) And he shall rule them with a sceptre (rod) of iron, as when earthen pots are broken in pieces, and [his power over them shall be] like that which I Myself have received from My Father." (Amplified)

Alrighty then! It seems as though the Lord is getting us ready to not only be offered the Scepter of the King - but to pick it up... and to rule the nations! The Season that is fast approaching will be one in which we will be released to operate in the same Authority and power that Jesus received from the Father! Wow!? So rich... so exciting!!!

But that is not the end of it... then came Tuesday!!!

I went to Prayer and the question was brought to us, "What is the enemy crippling you with? What dears stop you from moving out or forward?" Well - on Monday I finished "Captivating" and one thing the Lord showed me was that one of the lies the enemy has planted in me from childhood is that I will always be (at best!) Second Best! I had never really put it on that context and to see it so clearly really blew me away. So - that was my answer to the question... I am fearful that people will see or find out that I am not the best one for the job... or that I will always be second choice... never first pick! We played some worship and I immediately was taken to a Wedding Reception in the spirit.

I looked down and realized that I was the Bride... and I was standing in the middle of a gorgeous ballroom/reception on the Dance floor. The band began to play a song and the realization that this was the Father/Daughter dance caused panic to flood my soul.

"Oh no!?" I thought. "I don't have 'that kind' of Dad... he's not going to dance with me."

Just then, God the Father turned me around and pulled me into the Dance. He began to speak to me. "I am 'that kind' of Father! I can see that you love my Son - with all of your heart!"

"I do!" I replied

"...and I can see that you are pure..."

"It's because His blood washed me and He has made me pure!" I answered.

"I see you are gifted and called."

"Thanks to You, Father! You have lavished gifts upon me - even before I became Your daughter..."

"Aaahhhh..." He interrupted, "but My child, you have ALWAYS been My Daughter!" He then said, "I can see that He adores you and is pleased with you. I can say that He could not have chosen any better!"

I couldn't believe it! I had just had this revelation about being second best, and here is God - my Heavenly Father - telling me that His Son could not have picked better!? Amazing! Abounding Grace and Abiding Love doesn't even began to cover it!

I went on to make light of what He said, and joked, "Aaahhh - I bet You say that to all the girls!"

He said, "I say that to His Bride - of whom you are a vital part! Do not make light of My Favor, and My Blessing over your life!"

and at that, He handed me a Scepter! (end of vision)

God the Father has given us favor with the King... Jesus is extending His Scepter to us... not just to invite us to come to the Throne - but, as in Rev 2:27, to take the Power and Authority and rule with Him - here on earth, as it is in Heaven!

Accept the Scepter, Ladies!
His favor is being extended to you!


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