July 24, 2006

Still Unplugged!

Well... it turns out it was not the hard drive... nor was it the Mother board that we thought... or the RAM... it may be the casing... ??!? All I know is my Computer Guy (Praise God - I even HAVE a "Computer Guy"!) keeps rolling his eyes and saying it is all because I have an E-Machine?! But - he is being terrific at re-piecing it together so in the end it will work (which will make me happy!) - and it will no longer actually BE an E-Machine - (which makes him happy!)

Until then - I have access to a computer next door - but really don't want to take too much time there... so I have not written much this week - at least not on the computer!

The Lord is speaking very clearly a few things to me - of which I must be honest and say I am not really liking... True - I move in the prophetic and yes - I am an intercessor... and yet - I do so love to encourage and uplift... no one wants to be like Jeremiah.... or others who bring bad news and God's warnings... I will continue to pray about what I feel God is speaking and once I have access back to my own computer - I will write a few more things...

Until then, may I suggest you read through Ezekiel... that is one of the areas He has me focused on... I have never been a fan of Ezekiel - it's a hard book for me to understand and I would love some feedback from you?!

Anyway - since I am limited in my writings - let me throw it back to you all... what have you been reading lately!? (In the Bible - or otherwise!?) What do you feel the Lord has been saying to you!?

Until next time!

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