July 17, 2006

Power Surge + Hard Drive = Crash (Repost)

Hey there... this is a repost from my other Blog... since I am borrowing a neighbor's computer... hopefully I will be back up and running soon! Until then... here is a little update!

Yep - it's true... Somehow - we had a power surge... or a drop in power... or something strange and out of the ordinary... and it caused my computer to die... at least (for the hard drive) it was a quick and painless death... however, for me... it is long and drawn out?! sniff, sniff...

Hello, my name is Karrilee, and I am a computer-holic! (Everyone says, "Hi, Karrilee!") It is true... I can barely go a few hours without doing SOMETHING on my computer... a little eBay... some CafePress work... a Blog or a Post... update my website... check e-mail... IM... type out a devotional or do an online Bible Study... not to mention uploading and editing photo's and playing games?! Oh my!? With the Computer in a central area in our home... it makes it super easy for me to sit down "...for just a sec'!" (much to my family's frustration!)

So... while I had PLANS to do all my normal stuff... well - I am in the process of buying a new hard drive and hoping and praying we can get at least SOME of my info off the dead - er - Old one?! (Fingers crossed, breath held, eyes closed... prayers being sent up...?!) We shall see?! Got that new Digital camera... and lucky for me I am a tad bit obsessive and caught up in scrapping because that means that even though I didn't back up my files... I have already scrapped the hard copies?! Yes... I know... see?! There are up sides to this compulsion of mine?!

On another note... we went to the Bone Specialist today to get new X-rays! My dh's hand is healing - and the surgeon still is saying surgery is not necessary... however it is still healing really slowly... he got a new cast and we'll go back in three weeks... even though it was a good report overall - the doctor also used '6-9 months' to him when talking about guitar playing... someone will die if it takes that long - I can tell you that right now! We are praying for a faster than normal recovery - AND we are praying about our vacation plans that we had for the month of August as well...

Anyway - this is my excuse... er - um - explanation for my absence the past few days!!! I will be back... soon hopefully! I am going through withdrawls... at least I can still have my Starbucks!?! It's not the end of the world YET!?

In faith - I will be back very soon!
Until then... Scrap On!

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