January 8, 2013

My God-Sized Dream is bigger than I thought!

So, I saw this post... this invitation to share and be bold and just type it out loud and put it on out there for all to see.  It was Holley Gerth who asked, "What is your God-Sized Dream?"  She wrote this question on her blog and then threw open her door and put on a pot of coffee... inviting us all to step up, speak out, and once again share about what God has put in our hearts.

A few other friends took her up on the chance and I loved reading their hearts and seeing the call on their lives to dream big with God... But, to be honest, I had no intention! Not that I don't love the question, or even the push and pull that takes place in searching out the answer.  It was more that my original thought was this was a question pointed at fellow Bloggers... I just sort of thought my answer, my dream, would fade in the mix... it would be a cookie cutter version of what all of the other writers would say... to write a book, to be/get published, ...blah blah blah... Those are all good dreams... all quite possibly big ol' huge God Dreams... I am not in any way discounting them. I believe them to be true, and real, and a call greater than I.

I blogged at Kimberly's place over tea about how all of my life, I have felt the call to write.  I have fought it, I have pressed in to it, I have thought that I knew what it would look like, and I have given up on it - pushed it up on the top shelf and then towards the back, out of sight... thinking I could fill my life with other things and ignore the pull towards putting pen to paper or fingertips tapping on keyboards.  I could not.

I started this blog back in 2006... answering a call from God to give Him a year of Tuesdays.  He had asked me to attend an intercessory prayer group on Tuesday mornings, and expect Him to meet me there... and He then asked me to give Him the afternoon to write about what unfolded.  One year turned into two and then comfortably three, even though I knew.  I knew then that my commitment was over and maybe, just maybe, I should start editing all of these amazing God encounters of the early years.   But you see, I much prefer the art of writing over the discipline of editing... creating over business.  I began to once again question the call.  Maybe - just maybe {easy way out!} I wrote what was asked of me already and whoever was supposed to read it would magically find my little corner of the web and ministry would happen and I could have accomplished my Dream.  It didn't take long to realize that this was not the case.  The call is still loud and clear... catch the vision and write it down...

...and so I write. I journal. I blog... and just recently, I dream again.

You see - as much as the call to write is real... and the desire of my heart is to create pictures with my words that draw you in... not to me, but to Him... what I am finding is that my REAL God-Sized Dream doesn't STOP at writing or getting published.  No - God is not that small!

My Dream still is to share His amazing Abiding Love, and His Abounding Grace! My real God-Sized Dream involves creating community and sharing words and experiences - whether written down, spoken over coffee, or at a podium, where my heart can connect with yours and you can grasp, on a deeper level, the real intimacy... the passionate pursuing Love that He has for you!  THAT is my God-Sized Dream.  It only begins with writing!

What kind of dreaming have you been doing lately?  What is He calling you to partner with Him to accomplish in this world that He so madly, madly loves?


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  1. I actually ache this year with a dream. Something that has been trying to surface for years. Karrilee you have been with me for a few of them... my web sites.

    I have it going. I believe God wants me to teach some skills and it will be worked out this year.

    You write beautiful... keep up your calling. I enjoy your writings.

  2. There is something with sticking with your dreams and persevering. I am reading a book called A Long Obedience in the Same Direction and I just love the title. It reminds me that we all need to be faithful to take the steps He's called us to and when we are obedient we reap the benefit of walking with Him. Thanks for sharing your God sized dream with us. I love the passion he's placed within all of these women in the link up. It's beauty.

  3. Oh my sweet friend how I love that we are dreaming together. Those dreams that only through Him are possible. And they are possible...all things are through Him that gets the glory for it all. Lifting you up to Him as you share your heart on a page to make much of Him. You shine bright friend. Love you much. Blessings.

  4. Love that you are writing to share His love...how encouraging :) Keep writing and dreaming :)


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