September 22, 2018

When Nothing Feels Complete... A Five Minute Friday post.


Hey there, Sweet Readers!  Oh my, how I have missed you!  How I have prayed for you... Even when words would not spill out in this space, you have remained in and on my heart and His!

Honestly - I had NO PLANS to do the whole 31 Days Challenge this year. To be fair, I'm still on the fence. I didn't even want to pray about it! I mean, Y'all know how He is bossy about it with me every year. I just wanted to not do it... because I'm tired... and He's quiet... and I'm still processing all the things that He is teaching me. And yet... it seems He may just have an opinion about whether or not I do it! I'm still going to have to chat with Him a bit longer before I decide yes or no!  

Until then... here I sit... ready to tap out something that will be somewhat of an offering --for you and for Him! Let's go! Our one-word prompt is: COMPLETE!


I am not sure, really, what is going on with me.

I pause longer than usual after I tap out that opening line... because it's true on all accounts.  I am not sure... and while I am consistently preaching about being authentic and vulnerable, this feels like a bit too much of both, thank you very much.  

But what I do know for sure is we are in one of those in-between spaces and we are being called to sit and wait... to not rush it! To Watch and See... before (or maybe so that) we can Taste and See! I've written about the not rushing recently and it seems we are still in the midst of this holding pattern. 

And it's fine.  It is... 
It's fine but
Nothing feels complete right now.

I like it when I can wrap something up with a ribbon and a bow.  To label it and either give it away or store it for reminiscing later. I like things clean cut with boundaries nicely set in place. 

The truth is I like what I like and I much prefer it when there is a sense of completion to a task or season. I like it when I can make sense of things. 

But when things began to change and we could see an end coming, what I thought I wanted was some overlap! I wanted to go from one season to the next... but God --He can be bossy and more than anything else, He wants us to glean Truth and learn from Him in every season. Sometimes --to fully grasp a thing... He may make us wait.

How many know that there can be a release, and yet sometimes there is not yet closure or freedom to move on?

We have felt that release over many things... but we are waiting still for the freedom to move ahead, which is fine really --because we don't know what is next.

But here's the thing:
This is not stressing us out
or causing anxiety!

It's really not... even though that seems a little irresponsible!

We are still allowing Peace to be our umpire (Col 3:15) 
and we are saturated in His Presence. 
We are leaning in and listening,
praying for miracles and manna,
for hope and healing,
for provision and purpose!  
We refuse to race or to rush. 
We could... but we know better!

After the passing of my sweet Mother-In-Law, my sister simply said, "The older we get, the sweeter Heaven is!" implying that we have more loved ones on that side of eternity now waiting for us and knowing that makes Heaven that much better... that much more longed for! 

And it's true!  


Her statement reminded me of a quote from C. S. Lewis:
“The fact that our heart yearns for something earth can’t supply is proof that Heaven must be our home.” 

Even though I hunger for a sense of completion from one season to the next or one task to the next... I know full well that the only time we will feel and know a sense of true and final completion is when our eternal lives pass through the veil that so thinly separates the Here and Now from our Heavenly Home.

That is when we will (hopefully!) hear, 
"Well Done, my good and faithful servant...Enter into the joy of your lord." (Matt 25:21
But until then... well, until then, we lean in and we listen... we actively wait and watch... until He invites us to whatever is next! 

After all these years of walking with Him, I have come to find that so much of the "Taste and See" comes from our own testimonies! It comes from that Hindsight is 20/20 and being able to look back and see that, truly, in those trying times --there really is just one set of footprints in the sand as He carried us through! 

Here's the truth I know: 

We grow the most... our roots grab hold down deeper, in the midst of the hard, dry seasons. 

We don't love it... but we are thankful for it! 

The hard isn't bad...
it's just that it doesn't (yet) seem good!
But it will... It will!

In the words of Lauren Daigle, I assure Him over and over --no matter what, even as I wait in the midst of so many unknowns:

This girl ain't goin' anywhere!

The Five Minute Friday community is the best gathering of Flash mob writers around!  We wait for the one-word prompt and we throw caution and hesitation and editing to the wind, and we let our fingers fly and our feelings feel and we just wait and see what flows out in five minutes (or so! Because, grace!) and we hit Publish without second-guessing or backspacing! 

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= My actual Five Minutes ended here... Grace for allowing me to finish my thought!

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  1. Beautiful post, and you chose the perfect song, Karrilee!

    #1 at FMF this week.

    1. Thanks so much, Brother Andrew! As always, it's such an honor to have you comment here! I know it takes great effort! Praying for you! (And that song, right? You always tend to pick the best songs, so that is a compliment coming from you!)

  2. Kinda similar and different to my own post this week! I think you and I may be kindred spirits, especially on the personality type.
    Love, Liz
    Your FMF Neighbour #59

    1. Apparently this is a Thing that He is doing? Growing this Truth in many right now! Always grateful to connect with a Kindred spirit and heart!

  3. I need this. Thank You friends! And that song! :)

  4. "We grow the most... our roots grab hold down deeper, in the midst of the hard, dry seasons." Isn't this so true? I'm glad He's with us all the way. He is the only one who can give us peace during the waiting times. He's so faithful. Blessings to you, Karrilee!

    1. Don't you sometimes WISH it wasn't true, though? lol! But it is... Thanks so much for stopping by, Gayl! I receive those blessings, my friend!

  5. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Thank you Karrilee for this encouragement. I have been singing "I will trust in You" by Lauren Daigle. So, I am very thankful to be introduced to the song, "This girl." It is funny that in this season of I'm completeness, I want to run and hide ,but at the same time I hear heavenly whispers to be still and rest. Thank you for the gift of your words today. -Jolene

    1. Still and Rest... those are good words that bear MUCH fruit when we lean in and listen and obey! Praying for you, friend! (Also: This ENTIRE new album from Lauren... SO good!)

  6. I too like to see the end, feel completion, and that can be hard as we deal with unknown and learning to trust.

    1. So true! And even when we think we see... we truly only see in part, right? Thank God for His Peace... and for the Joy that comes while we wait!

  7. Your words were such a treat to read today. You know authenticity and vulnerability and God sees them in you too. Sharing part of your struggles is real and honest. What I love is how you found peace in your in-between place. That is all God!

    1. Oh, yes! It is ALL Him! It makes no sense to be at such Peace and to not be tempted to make things happen on our own... but what kind of fruit would Worry and Fear bring? Not the kind I want, that is for sure! Thanks so much for stopping by Mary! xoxo

  8. I felt like my insides just sort of stretched out and heaved a big sigh as I read your words. Waiting is SO difficult, but there really is value in not rushing. I'm right in the middle of learning this lesson...again. Love you!

    1. You and me, both! I love you too, my friend! Thankful to be learning this (again) together as we walk along our paths! (Also - thanks for the iTunes review!) xoxo


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