September 4, 2018

Sonship Over Ownership...


This has been a season of Quiet and of (once again) embracing a bit of Unproductivity.

Yeah... it's as fun as it sounds!

I mean, sure --at first, it IS great! Because we all tend to run at full speed and a lot of us are tired, Y'all! 

So a little breaky? Yes, please! 

But there is also this: Many of us can accidentally take a bit of our identity from all of our production and having things to show for how we spent our day!

So it gradually shifts from being fun to feeling like a really hard ask. The ask is to be small, to be still and silent.  To trust anyway or even though, and to be willing to wait... To lay down our giftings and calling and all the things that we are DOING that so easily sneak in to defining us, rather than letting how we are BEING actually reveal who we are.

Often times, we are encouraged to stand up tall in who we are and in what we can do.  Take confidence in your abilities and giftings - and I agree! All too often, especially as Christians --especially as Christian women, we are told to be humble and to almost dismiss or divert compliments or credit. Of course, humility is important and we all know that pride comes before a fall.  

However, I believe there is a balance is being confident, yet still giving glory to God and knowing how and why we are successful. It's because Jesus invites us into a partnership. We get to go about our days (our work, our ministry, etc.) and do whatever He has put before us to do. But we get to do it with Him!

With Jesus as our example, it seems that there is a growing movement to return to the old ways... to follow His footsteps and to participate both in the Doing and the Being. We must learn to embrace both! Each of these things is vital. We can not simply Be, and never get up and Do... and yet we have discovered that all the Doing, without simply Being too, will quickly lead to burn out and disillusion!

Something about Don't grow weary in doing good... Keep Doing... and make sure that you are setting aside time to just Be as well!  As many have said, remember that saying Yes to something also means saying No to something else. Make sure your Yes is worth it!

I believe this is something that we are learning in the church at large.

Sonship is the Next Step...


To read the full post, I'd love to have you join me HERE over at LifeLetterCafe where I share a bit about a recent encounter in prayer and what I felt God whisper to me about how we are called Heirs, not owners.

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