October 4, 2017

31 Days of Going From Mama to Mimi - DAY FOUR

This is Day Four in our 31 Days series: Going from Mama to Mimi - Stories of Hope, Joy, & Transition...

Getting the News!!!

Sometimes this is super exciting and the timing seems perfect and it's something you have been longing for or maybe even hinting at --the whole wanting to be a Mimi thing! 

Sometimes getting the news feels like it is long overdue and something you had almost given up hope for... College took years and then finding the right mate and then careers and life unfolding...

And sometimes it is news that you were in no way expecting... you weren't ready for it... weren't prepared... hadn't even thought to hope for it quite yet.

But at all times, no matter what the surrounding situation,
Life is Gift and the Giver is Good!

We fell in to that last category of not expecting or being prepared for the news... 

In fact, the above photo is how the kids told us.  

They found out they were expecting in early January and brought a gift, wrapped in Christmas paper, saying they put it away and forgot to give it to us.  We encouraged them to just save it for next Christmas! We could wait! 

They are twenty two and money is tight, but they assured us it wouldn't wait that long!

So I unwrapped the box and stared at the contents and it just would not compute.  It was My Honey who got it first, asking immediately, "Are you serious? Is this for real?"

After the confusion began to clear, conflicting emotions arose to the surface because this is not the scenario we had hoped for when we got this news... And yet, --a baby!!!

I wrote about Getting the News on the blog in April. You can read that post here to know more of the story, but we went quickly from shock to celebration and while it was not the timing WE would have liked, we are not in charge of timing. We are not in charge of anything, really... and while we may have been surprised, the God who loves them saw this coming and was already at work, creating and forming and loving this baby growing in her belly!

Tomorrow we will talk a bit about Grace --but for today, I just wanted to say that whether you have been longing and hinting and begging to become a Grandma, or if you are feeling like it's too soon and you (and they) are just not ready --whenever you get the news, I encourage you to celebrate the gift of Life with them!

Because Life is a Gift, and the Giver is good!

...And babies are such a blessing! 

They give hope and grow us up and help us
love deeper... love better... love more like Him!

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  1. Karrilee, we found out we were going to be grandparents at dinner with our kids. Seth is 14 now. There is nothing better than being a grandparent. I am your partner at 31 survivor. Congratulations. I am excited for you and how they told you. Blessings my friend. Diana

    1. I'm told it goes by too fast --just like it did with our own kids! I am afraid to blink! Thanks so much for stopping by --and for sharing!

  2. I know you weren't expecting this. I remember when you first told me. Oh the many emotions that were going through your mind. Yet you are so right. God is the gift giver and it is never wrong. And now you have a girlie who is a mama and you are Mimi to sweet Evelyn Rose! More precious than silver, right?! xoxo

  3. Thank you for sharing your story, and your girlies story, and Little Miss Evelyn Rose's story with the world! <3 I am loving this series! -Jolene

  4. Even though the most unexpected news, God pathed the way with so much love and grace. I'm so excited for you now that you have this precious gift to hold in your arms.

    1. I can't get enough of holding her in my arms! Of course --boundaries... and so I don't GET to hold her as much as I want... but I'm blessed that they live just down the road and so I will not take that for granted! xoxo

  5. Yup, I get it. I've walked this path.

    1. And now you are walking it with me, --and for that, I am ever grateful! xoxo


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