November 8, 2016

A Prayer for Our Nation...

We made it, y'all.

Election Day... 
  (...and everyone releases a collective sigh!)

Man, I don't know about for you --but for me? This day seemed like it took FOREVER to get here.

And we all know now that it's here... well... it's not over! 
Our praying is really just beginning! 

Last month, during our 31 Days series (Life Happens... and so we pray!) I wrote a post that talked about the need for Healing in our Nation and it closed with a Prayer.

This audio clip is an edited version of that post and I would be honored if you would pray the prayer at the end with me!

If you are interested in reading the full post, click here.

Otherwise, lean in and listen... 

I'd love for you to add your own prayer for America in the comments below! Let's remember to 1Peter 2:17 our way through this today - and beyond!

And let's remember to:

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  1. Good post! Checking out the audio too!

  2. no kidding - it's here, finally - need to shower and go vote and make a great dinner of celebrating God (not a man or woman ) for tonight no matter what happens! thanks Karrilee!

    1. LOL! I felt like I needed a shower after I voted, but still... I hear ya, friend! ;)

  3. Thanks be to God that He is sovereign over this (and every) election and that the winner will become an instrument in His hand for the accomplishment of His purposes -- which never fail.

    1. Yes! Exactly this! Thanks for stopping by Michele, and for praying!

  4. Amen! I've been praying all day.

  5. Yesterday was a day of social media fasting and a day of never saying amen.

    1. Truly... the praying just keeps on going, doesn't it? Love you, friend! xoxo

  6. Love, dignity, and respect - such solid foundation to stand on! Great word and beautiful heart, Karrilee.

  7. Karrilee,
    Praying with you and you're right the real work of prayer begins now. Thank you for pointing back to God and inviting us to pray :-)


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