June 22, 2016

How to Diffuse One of the Enemies Most Valuable Weapons

Don't you just love how God will use anything... and I mean any. thing. to reveal His love and draw us closer?

I was talking with a few friends this past week who are in a season that they are not really fond of and here's the thing: If you're not there now... well, let's be real... you will be (again) one day! 

All of us have gone through hard seasons, harsh darkness, heavy circumstances that we would've rather not had to go through!

I was telling a friend just this morning that a part of me longs for the 'good old days' of my Summer of Silence

I know, right? If you were around back then you may remember that I was not so much loving it as it was happening! 

And yet... In this season of full and busy, I find myself longing for the slow and quiet. And then He quickly reminds me that He taught me how to tap into slow and quiet both in the silence AND in the midst of full and busy (Apparently, He taught me that, you know, for a reason!)

This is what we tend to forget:

God knows... He sees. He is well aware of what is going on in our lives and we can forget to trust Him!  We can forget that He is present with us - even in those times when we are convinced we're all alone and losing ground. 

He sees, He cares, and He holds us close. Even if we can't feel Him.

We forget that God doesn't always want 'credit' (hello?) but He will use every little thing we go through for His glory, if we let Him!

I didn't want to go through that long season of silence... and yet the things that I've learned in and through that season are proving to be invaluable now.  We find ourselves in a season overflowing with opportunities to be Busy and Bossy again, and the lessons learned in the quiet rise to the surface when chaos threatens to overtake us.

I didn't want to go through other tough seasons either but God has used each of them, as well. (You too, right?)

This is the thing that just keeps coming up:

One of the most valuable weapons that the enemy of our souls uses against us is one of isolation... --one of believing the lie that we are all alone... that Jesus is not there. (We tend to not fall for that one so easily, over time!) The one we still often fall for is this:  The lie that no one needs to know... that it's better to just say we are fine, and keep our guard up... that it's easier to not be a burden.

But we are called the Body on purpose and we are at our best and functioning the way He intended when we are connected and working together. 

So of course the devil comes in and sows fear, doubt, and unbelief. Of course he whispers lies and tells us it's safer on our own... that we will be too much, or not enough... that whatever we are going through separates and divides into 'us' and 'them'.  

"Don't tell them," he hisses. "They won't understand."

But this is how we diffuse his weapon:

We risk being vulnerable and we just go right ahead and we tell... we share... we open up brave and let the Light in.

We silence the lie of isolation by speaking up and finding that instead of being all alone, we are surrounded with community.  Instead of being chained to fear, we can be free with friends.

We find that once we risk being vulnerable and ask for prayer... or call up a friend and actually invite them in to our struggle, we discover that they WANT to be included! They are happy to help if they can, or just sit and listen, if that is what is needed. 

We discover that what we hid in darkness for fear or shame or judgment, once exposed to the Light, is not as scary as we originally thought and most often we find that we actually know people who have struggled with the same thing.  Maybe they are in it with us or maybe they already have a testimony of coming through to the other side. 

But the truth that we discover is that we are, in fact, NOT alone.  We diffuse the lies and tools of the enemy simply in finding that we're not battling this thing all on our own!

As C. S. Lewis said, 
“Friendship ... is born at the moment when one man says to another "What! You too? I thought that no one but myself . . .”
And this, by Frederick Buechner:
"Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid. I am with you."

Don't be afraid. God is with you. And God often manifests Himself through His Body here on earth.

The enemy is crafty, but he's not creative and so when he attempts to convince you that you are isolated and all alone --well, then you can rest assured that the opposite is actually Truth!

Now I know... I, too, have been hurt by church. I have been judged and wounded and felt misunderstood. I get that this is risky business when the prison we are chained to feels safer than the freedom that was paid for already. I do.

But I also know that we are better together... stronger, even. And I believe God is rising up a Kingdom people who will no longer fall for the lies of the enemy but who know who they are, and Whose they are, and who walk in the revelation of knowing that we are more than conquerors and we are called to be victorious together. 

Together, we will rise.

Together, we will win.

Together, we will worship our God who was and is and will always be... our God who is always with us, always for us, always on our side.

I pray that if this is something you have been battling, --this lie of isolation, or fear of being found out-- that you will know the Truth of His grace and love, that you will feel the touch of a Loving Father reaching out for you, and that you will find the boldness to be strong and very courageous and let someone in.

I know the wisdom of not letting everyone in... or not letting just anyone in, but I pray that the Lord will remind you of someone who is for you, in your circle, whom you can reach out to.

Sometimes even those of us in the Light need a little help navigating our way out of darkness!

Reach out!

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  1. "One of the most valuable weapons that the enemy of our souls uses against us is one of isolation... --one of believing the lie that we are all alone... that Jesus is not there." SO TRUE!!!!! Too often I've felt all alone--no one understood what I was going through--not family, not friends, not God, NO ONE! I almost ended my life. That's exactly where the enemy wants us to be!!! Praise God for shedding light on that lie!

    1. Amen and Amen, Christine! I'm so glad He revealed truth and love to you, my friend! Shine On!

  2. Your whole post is so good, Karrilee! This especially stood out because it is so true, "We find that once we risk being vulnerable and ask for prayer... or call up a friend and actually invite them in to our struggle, we discover that they WANT to be included! They are happy to help if they can, or just sit and listen, if that is what is needed." Blessings to you! xo

    1. Isn't that just always the amazing truth... that, it turns out, we are the opposite of isolated and alone... and often times, people have just been waiting for us to ask for help or to open up!

  3. I love how you said this: "The enemy is crafty but he is not creative." Perfect quote! I like to crawl into my shell when those black clouds roll in but I do have a couple of really good BFF's with whom I share because I know they will pray. Great post, my friend.

    1. Right? He is crafty... but he only has so many tricks! (And yet... how we fall for them, over and over!?) Praise God for friends who know nad who see! Love you friend! xoxo

  4. Anonymous3:22 AM

    Lovely post, Karrilee! Great reminder to me not to believe the lies the enemy whispers when I am struggling in this place. Always, always, listen to the truth of God's word!

  5. A Buechner quote! I may love you even more now. He's one of my faves! Love this friend!

    1. Well - to be honest, I have only read bits and pieces but I adore him as well! I feel like I need to read more (and more and more... but I digress!) ;)


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