November 16, 2015

How to Sync Your Heart to His... and other Small Wonders.

Happy Monday, my friend!

I wrote a bit about exhaustion last week... of the desperate need for Self-Care, of how quickly we forget this is needed and how fast it slides to the bottom of our To-Do Lists... 

Sometimes it is easier to write about or talk about than it is to DO it, right?

Well, on Friday - in the midst of a crazy full week and upcoming full weekend ahead, I found made the time to grab a coffee and my camera and take a stroll around the Arboretum, because for me... well, sometimes that is all it takes to find the calm and quiet... and to feel the refreshing and realigning once again.

Sometimes a little Self-Care is, in itself, full of Small Wonders... if we will but slow and look! 

I have talked again and again of the power of five.

Just five minutes... sitting in silence. 

Slowing your breath. Inhaling deep. Letting go.
Turning your mind and your heart towards Him.
Taking every thought captive -even if only for just a mere five minutes!

Set a timer if you must,
but I so strongly encourage you to do this!

For me... I set a timer and I slow and center and almost immediately, most times (but not all times), He begins to speak to me. 

Sometimes I fight the urge to pick up a pen and write... but sometimes I give in and scribble down what He pours out because more than silence... it's His voice that I am longing to hear.

This morning... after a(n overflowingly) full weekend,
I set my timer, and this is the small wonder that came forth.

So today, I offer you a short poem and encourage you to find make the time for a little breathing room yourself!


I slow my mind
and my breathing.
I close my eyes
and open my heart.
I remind myself
that always
-- whether it's quiet or chaotic
in my head --
You are here.

And that thought alone
can stop the spinning
and the loud conversations
of regret and wondering,
spiraling my thoughts
down, down, down.

Inhale Deep.
Hold on and Let Go...
over and over ...until Peace comes
--and it DOES come...
And Truth Shines Brighter,
And Balance is Restored.

I realign my thoughts to Yours
and suddenly,
everything shifts, and
I thank You, Lord.

I quiet my Spirit
and hush my soul.
I can feel it vibrating
through my body...
--The beating of Your heart.
I lean myself back,
and am wrapped in your arms,
my head on Your chest,
and the rhythm of it
wakes me to Refreshing
as it also lulls my heart to Rest.

I lean in to the sound
and allow Your heart to
command mine to recalibrate...
to sync and to see...

And once again
I am reminded that
The only thing
that is ever needed...
The only thing that ever
covers and heals,
while it ministers and reveals...
The only thing that
raises the dead to life
and truly sets the captives free
is Your Love and how it feels.

The only thing that causes
Blind Eyes to See
or Broken Hearts to mend,
is the Love that brings
Heaven to earth.
Your name is Jesus,
and You are my Friend.

Again, I Inhale Deep.
I Hold on, while Letting Go...
And I wait... 
I let You sync my heart to Yours.
...and Peace comes,
Truth Shines Brighter,
Balance is Restored.

And my heart cries out for more...
All I want is more of You, Lord!


I don't know about you, but sometimes I forget that at the core of it all - this truly is my hearts' cry!

So whether you set a timer, or go for a walk... read a book, take a bath, or hit the gym... I encourage you to make time this week for a little Self-Care and sync your heart to His.

When our hearts beat
to the rhythm of the Father...
His Kingdom comes...
on earth, as it is in Heaven!

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How do you practice Self-Care? What are you going to do this week to find a bit of quiet and refreshing?


  1. Love: "The only thing that causes Blind Eyes to See or Broken Hearts to mend,
    is the Love that brings Heaven to earth.Your name is Jesus,and You are my Friend" I always love your poetry friend. I found some time for self-care on Friday too...Starbucks, enjoying some time outdoors etc.

    1. I love that we both made the time on Friday! Because, of course we did! xoxo

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! I love the idea of taking five minutes of rest--that seems so doable! I still feel like I'm operating in survival mode with two little people at home, so that is very encouraging. And I also wrote about rhythm this week:-)

    Thanks for sharing your heart through your words!

    1. Right? I mean, who can't manage to clear five minutes? And seriously - once it becomes a habit... you will make sure that you make time for it! It's so refreshing... who knew it could take such little time? Off to read your post! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. So I'm just catching up on this whole 5 idea. I actually experimented with it after Michelle DeRusha shared her experience and at the end of 5 minutes, I concluded...I need therapy! Seriously, I had to reel in my wayward thoughts every 30 seconds and at 4 minutes I felt like I was going to jump out of my skin. Now, I can be still with a book, or a movie, or my prayers and thoughts for much longer than 5 minutes, but just 5 minutes to be quiet and in the moment, it was extraordinarily hard...and that's kinda sad. So I'm not going to stop working at it, but I'm going to stop "working" at it - know what I mean?! :) Thanks, friend. xoxo

    1. Oh my friend... yes - I DO know what you mean! Keep at it... the more you do it, the easier and quieter it will get! I highly recommend The Apprentice Series from James Bryan Smith... it's a three book (I'm still waiting to read book three!) series and I think it is in the first book that he really encourages you to take five minutes of silence each day and oh my goodness... the first book is called The Good and Beautiful God... it has the truth and power to be life changing! The second book is called The Good and Beautiful Life and it walks you through the Beatitudes... so good! (The third is The Good and Beautiful Community and is all about church life! I can't wait to dig in to that one too!) <3

  4. The more time spent with Him? The more time desired...yes, Lord!

    1. Amen! I think in our overscheduled, hurry up world, we can fall for the lie that we need to clear an hour or more to spend time with Him... and so we put it off! I love the concept of just five minutes because we can do that in the car or before we head out to our busy day... it's doable - and yes, the trick is - time spent with Him stirs us up to want more! Win-Win!

  5. Very nice, Karrilee. I love that you used the word "sync" ... there is nothing like time alone with the Lord ... even for just a few minutes. <3

    1. Amen! More - when we can... but as I said above - sometimes we put off the little time we have thinking it is not enough... but our God moves inside and outside of time, and He longs to sit with us - for any amount of minutes! xoxo

  6. Such an important practice - to slow down and take five in the midst of things. Praying in Color has helped me do this since it's something I seem to be able to do in the middle of the mayhem of family life (or with the TV on in the background). Thanks for sharing your pause with us.

    1. So, i just googled Praying in color and oh my goodness! How have i never heard of this? i am sure I have read you mention it in passing your blog - but somehow I didn't really look into it. So amazing!

  7. To sync and to see. I love that Karrilee! It's late or early (2:23 a.m. Eastern time) but I breathed my 5 minutes with you. I'm glad I did. Happy Thanksgiving beauty!

    1. Whew, girl! That is both late AND early! ;) I miss you so and what a gift to wake up to a little visit... a little giving of thanks... a little breathing in deep with you, my friend! Happy Thanksgiving right back to you!


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