January 15, 2015

SEND - Five Minute Friday

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Without further ado...
Here is our Word Prompt for the day: SEND


When I hear Send... so often, I think far away!

I think, "Here am I, Lord. Send me." with sweaty palms, shaky knees, and a reluctant heart.

I think Africa, or Haiti, or Guatemala...

Funny, how time can change a person...  

As a young (*read: new) Christian, my fear was that if I submitted fully to God, He would send me somewhere far off and across land and sea. 

I'm a small town girl, born and raised in this rural town and I have not ventured too far away.

Now, years later, those far away places are seeded and rooted in my heart and when I think of Him sending me --well, it still stirs up a bit of nerves still, sure. But more than that it stirs up adventure and hope that I could make a difference.

Funny, how when I gave myself over to even the mere idea of going, God expanded it by Sending us not (yet) over the water, but just right on down the road.

My Honey and I, in this season of adjusting to Empty Nester living, are feeling a call to stay close, to get involved, to make a difference right here at home.  We are working on volunteering more locally, on widening our community by going places nearby and across town.  We are meeting our neighbors... like for real, sharing our stories and learning theirs!

We do it over coffee or tea...

over breakfast...

 over a game of cards...

We are being more intentional about connecting and the more we are willing to be sent, the more we realize He has been sending us all the while!  He sends us out to our everyday lives and He fills us up in hopes that we will leak Him out wherever we go!

We believe we are a Kingdom people and we are carriers of His presence... we believe we can shift the atmosphere... we can make a difference... we can be the change that is so desperately needed.

We can do it across the globe, of course! But we must also do it across the street... across the table.  Right where we are.

And once again, I think, 

"Yes, Lord! Here am I!
Send me."


I have to say this interview I watched (a few times) yesterday influenced this revelation and this post, because as I listened to Tony talk, everything in me screamed Amen!  (The interview is nearly an hour - and every minute of it is highly recommended... but if you only can spare ten minutes - watch the last 10... starting at about 38:10. You're welcome!) 

And of course, we believe we can do all of those things, by simply following these three steps:

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  1. Hi, found you on the link up.

    That is so true - it sometimes feels like to do something great for God it means going halfway across the globe to share Him.... but we are indeed called to share Him with everyone, near or far. God gives opportunities everyday to spread His truth if we're looking and listening.

    1. Amen! Lord, help us remember to be looking and listening! Thanks so much for stopping by Angela!

  2. Oh friend!! Our posts have some similarities today. "Here I Am Lord, Send Me!!" I love the idea of being sent next door, across the table, etc.

  3. Sometimes the greatest need is right at home. Last weekend we had a visiting missionary from the Czech Republic speak to our Sunday School class. He looked up a few numbers to compare his city overseas and our hometown.

    It was eye opening to see that 90% of the people in my hometown are non-Christians. That's a staggering number! We need missionaries right at home! Thanks for the reminder!

  4. I loved reading this. As an introvert type of person, the thought of going far away is overwhelming, but you're right send doesn't necessarily mean to a far off place. Right now in this season, He may just be sending me down the hall to cranky toddler or grumpy teen.

    1. Oh yes, friend... sometimes across the globe sounds more dreamy than it really is, right? ;) Whether over the sea or down the hall, your work matters!

  5. This was so interesting to read. As a former military member and now military spouse we travel where the AF sends us. We always look at is an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy a new place. I wonder what other legacies we could leave behind. Great inspiration.

    1. Ah yes... I have heard of you... (people who lean in and are not afraid of change!) ;) What an opportunity to live your lives out loud and with adventure! Thank you and your family for your service! Thank you for your Brave! It stirs up as introverts to want to want to be braver and more adventurous ourselves!


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