September 9, 2014

The Mighty Power of a Simple Shift in Perspective

Perspective is powerful.

When it is even just a little bit off everything I see is tilted, off-center... topsy turvy, askew, uncertain.

Uncertainty is powerful too... and it can freeze this planners' heart and stop all forward motion.  I find when I am uncertain, I stop all the things. It's not that I need to know every detail or have a color-coded mapped-out plan (although... ) but I find when I am uncertain, my perspective starts getting all out of line and I can fall for the same old lies.

I can feel small. Insignificant. Unimportant.

I can make excuses or put things off... ignore promptings of the Spirit or hesitate long enough to miss an opportunity. 

I can forget that it's not all about me or that it should always, really, be all about Him.

When my perspective is fuzzy or spinning, I forget Whose I am and Who holds this whole fuzzy, spinning world in His hands anyway!

I begin to look down and inward, instead of up and outward.

So this summer, in the midst of a Waiting season... in the midst of uncertainty and not knowing what is next, I have been finding that He is once again correcting my perspective. 

He is showing me that there is glory in the small... there is grace in being present... there is significance in simply being, and not doing.  I texted a friend the other day, telling her that I spent an entire day watching tennis on tv and reading a whole book. I was telling her this, saying that I wasn't feeling guilty about it at all... and it was restful.

You see, I am realizing that resting and not doing stuff are two different things! I can not do stuff without being at rest. To really be at rest, we must allow Him to come in, to fill us up, and to re-adjust our perspective, when needed!

As I enjoy the last drops of summer, I am sitting outside while I can... barefeet in the grass, and camera in hand... bending low to capture blooms from a different angle.  I am finding beauty in the small... glory dripping from the sun... details just waiting to be discovered.

I am seeing that even the smallest of flowers opens wide, and reaches up high, giving their praises to Him!

I am remembering that while I am small... He is not.  

When I yeild my heart to Him, He grows trust in me and I bear fruit and faith and I see more clearly from where He stands. 

He never sees us as small...
He always sees us as His!

I may not know all of what lies ahead, but I am sure of one thing: He goes with me. He is leading and guiding and sometimes when He is silent, it is simply an invitation to slow down, crawl into His lap, and see things from His perspective once again!

Holy Spirit Come... 

In this season, this song has been the cry of my heart...
                                                       Yield My Heart by ~Kim Walker Smith

* All photo's are #iphoneonlyphotography! (Thanks David Molnar!)

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So - what about you? What is God shifting in your life? How is His perspective different from yours? How can I pray for you?


  1. I love this post! I especially love that there is glory in the small... Blessings to you while you wait for His leading. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! I am especially loving that there is glory in the small too! xoxo

  2. Love the song, love the beautiful flowers and love your words! :)

    1. Thanks so much, my friend! It's always nice to see you in my little corner of the blogosphere!

  3. I love where God is leading you in this waiting. Resting and abiding in Him. I love that you spent the day watching T.V. and reading and didn't feel guilty. Love you and thank you for sharing!!

    1. I love you right back, my friend! Thanks so much for walking with me through this silent season!

  4. Karrilee- A great word here! This line stopped me in my tracks: "He is leading and guiding and sometimes when He is silent, it is simply an invitation to slow down, crawl into His lap, and see things from His perspective once again!" I love that! And I love that you are learning to rest. Thank you for sharing your beautiful writing here, and I love the pics!

    1. Karen - thanks so much! Yes... I think for me it is sometimes hard to adjust when I find Him silent - I love reminding myself that it is an invitation to sit with Him and let Him show me how He sees things that concern me. So thankful you stopped by!

  5. I'm agreeing with Karen in the comment above. LOVE that. Perspective is so powerful. As always, you're photos are pure joy. Blessings.

  6. Oh, yes! Enjoying the last drops of summer right there with you, Karrillee! I'm not ready to let go of her yet! Have a blessed week!

    1. Summer is so flirty and fun, right? I love her... but don't tell her - I am sort of fond of Fall as well! It's my favorite transition - the change from summer to fall, for I love them both! Thanks so much for stopping by June!

  7. Karrilee, what a wonderful breath of fresh air here. These are gorgeous photos, friend. Especially loving that first one...and your heart that is doing what is so very counter-cultural and Jesus-seeking -- slowing to be as a child in the largeness and detailed nature of his love. I love you and am appreciative for your perspective, as always, my friend. xoxo

    1. Ash - that first one is my favorite too... it is so tiny and delicate in the garden... so easy to over look... but seeing it from a different perspective changes everything! Isn't that just how it can be with us? I love the visual reminder of it! I love you so... and I need to know the dates that I can be covering you in prayer as you speak, my friend! So excited for you! Love you so! xoxo

  8. Anonymous5:39 AM

    In my healing time the last 7 weeks, I've found so much rest ... and I hear His voice telling me He approves. I have heard His direction much clearer for what is coming. It's wonderful!
    Beautiful words here, Karrilee. Full of life living ALL IN!


    1. Amen Heather! I have been praying for you and can't wait to hear what He is speaking to you, friend! ALL IN, together! xoxo


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