January 16, 2008

Will Your Breakthrough Be A Surprise?

Wow... I don't know about you, but I can't tell you how many times, and how many different ways I have heard this phrase: This is a Year of Breakthroughs! 2008 I do believe really WILL BE a year of Breakthroughs! Open doors... Promises Fulfilled... it's all good! And it is... it IS all good... but that doesn't mean that it is all EASY!?

I know for me... I am ready for change and wanting Breakthrough in many areas - but if I just get real 'real' - transparent, honest - with you - what I REALLY want is for the Lord to make it EASY! Isn't that what we ultimately have in mind when we are praying for something?! We pray in faith - but our faith sometimes lines up more with MAKE IT EASY, than it does with YOUR WILL BE DONE. His way so often seems to take the long way... He's not so into short cuts, it seems?! Of course - He is also all about Suddenlies... but it is only Suddenly to us... He has been at work behind the scenes for quite some time!

There are some things that will come about EASY for us this year... some because we have warred and battled enough already over them, and some just because our God is awesome and He (even more than we ourselves) desires to see us free. But, there are things that will come - but they will come after focused, intense work on our part. He will be in it with us, giving us the energy and focus that we need... but we will have to get our hands dirty to reach it and see it come to pass!

So - last week at Prayer, the Lord gave me this vision...

We were entering in to worship and I immediately saw a person pushing through plastic or some thin stretchy material - trying to punch or press through it. I could see the impression of their face & then they fell through... Next, I saw someone (the same person possibly) pushing on a brick wall, starting to pull out bricks and striving to tear down the wall. Suddenly, the Lord rounded the corner and pointed out an Open Gate... this person was being given a choice to breakthrough the hard way, or an easier way... next scene: I see someone (same person?) breakthrough and pop up out of a huge cake. This person broke through with such Joy and exuberance... and yet the room was so quiet and somber. I looked around the room where the cake was and saw that many people seemed to be grieving and were confused and unsure of the disruption. They were not rejoicing. Some were grieving, but as the person rises up out of the cake, their countenance changes and they are rejoicing with the Breakthrough. Lastly, I noticed Jesus, with just a handful of others, who were applauding & shouting with shouts of joy! They were the Expectant & were not caught off guard or surprised at the Breakthrough at all.

The Lord said some will not be happy & will not rejoice with you in your breakthrough.
Some will want to hope but find it hard, & yet are thrilled with and for you in the end.
Jesus & a few others will pray you through and applaud you on! Be prayerful & aware of who you align yourself up with and who you allow to speak into your breakthrough.

So - I pray you are ready and positioned for Breakthrough...
I pray some will be easy and come about at an amazing pace...
and those others - well, I pray you have Cake on your hands!
(Gives another visual of Let Them Eat Cake, doesn't it?)


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