January 3, 2008

Here's to Promises coming to Pass!

Happy New Year!

We had a wonderful holiday season - filled with friends & family,
lighting the Hanukkah Lights, singing Christmas Carols,
& of course, the presents... let's not forget the frenzy of unwrapping gifts!
Aaah - the holidays - I love them & at the same time,
I am so glad that they are over!
I was able to spend some quiet time & peaceful moments
reflecting on the year, & on what the Lord is speaking to me
for this new year to come!
While I was not raised 'the glass is half full' kind of way
- that is now my bent,
& so as I reflected on the past year of 2007
it was surprising even to me to see how difficult it had been.
I found, as I was going through the calendar
attempting to write our Christmas letter,
that for the first time - there were a LOT of hard things
coming back to memory.
Now - in the big picture,
the year was not all that bad...
but I have come to realize that
we live a rather charmed life,
& to have a bit of 'normal' struggle enter in
sort of pushed me off-center at times last year.
However, even with all the loss and drama
I would not change a thing because in the midst of being dizzy
- dazed & confused - I felt the Lord at work!
Many prophetic voices have stated that this New Year
will bring about long awaited answers...
the fulfillment of promises kept & waited for!
Who doesn't love a Fresh Start...
The New Year always bring such Hope...
it is better than a Do-Over because it is NEW...
much like how we are after coming to Christ!
There is such freedom in not having the past
hang over your head & bog you down!
A Fresh Start...
That is what God offers to us each & every day!
His Mercies are new every morning!
Amazing, isn't it?
We have the choice to accept His offer,
& walk into
(not a Do-Over - where we fight to overcome
past failures & mistakes,)
but a Fresh Start - full of promise!
I love this photo... I took it myself right around Christmas time!
We had just experienced a snow storm, & then lots of rain!
Many in our state were experiencing flooding & then, came this:
Isn't that just like God...
to send us a reminder of His Promises!
May He remind you of the Promises
spoken over your life in the coming days,
& stir up in you an anticipation & expectation!
I pray that those long-awaited promises
come to pass for you this year!
May you choose to accept His offer
& make a difference...
Choose Life - that you may live!
In Anticipation,

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