February 8, 2008

"Come Away With Me...."

Aaah... do you remember that song from a few years back? It is a Norah Jones song and I loved it from the first time I heard it... a slow jazzy romantic song... What's not to love, right? Of course, I am a romantic at heart and that comes as no surprise!

I know it has been a few weeks since I have written here... I have been busy making some much needed changes to help me to achieve that Breakthrough I last wrote about... my breakthrough will NOT be a surprise... because I have come to the realization that it will come through the Lord, of course - but also partnered with my own hard work!

One thing that the Lord has been speaking - really, for some time now, is in essence our need to depend on Him and let Him shine through us however He chooses! While in my Prayer meeting last week, the teaching was focused in on Communion, and the leader referenced several Scriptures of course - but the one that really stood out to me is one of my most favorite verses! Honestly - it is... and I know you will not be surprised that is references the Bride! It is found in Rev 22:17 "And the Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” And let him who thirsts come. Whoever desires, let him take the water of life freely."

As I was pondering on this verse, I was reminded that according to Jewish tradition, after the bridegroom is betrothed, he goes away to prepare a place for his bride. She doesn't know the day nor the hour of his return, so she waits in anticipation. As the time nears, she must train her ears to HEAR him call for her. When he comes, he is not sure of which house she is waiting in, so when she hears him (and his friends) coming to get her, she cries out to him and runs (often times with her lantern) to meet him in the streets. He hears her cry and comes to find her and claim her as his own!

(OK... everyone let out that collective sigh of romance!)

Our God is a God of Romance and Love... He is so into the intimacy of love... but He is also really into the Chase of it all! He loves the pursuit! ...and the good news is that He never stops pursuing us! In the beginning, it was all about salvation - and as we grow, (while, of course, it is STILL about salvation - as we are being saved every day!) it is all about transformation and translucence!

As we entered into Worship, I heard the Lord speak this:
"Allow My Light to shine with
how I have fashioned you to be One of a Kind,
& how I am alive & living in you!
It is meant to be that as you grow in me,
you GLOW in me
& you attract attention because of the
love & beauty & treasure that is in you!
DO NOT shy away from the glory & colorful splendor
that shines through as you surrender
to one thing after another!
For as you bow down in surrender to Me,
you allow My Light - unfiltered, radiant,
& the only true pure white Light,
to shine forth evermore to reach those around you.
As you lay your crowns down in surrender & worship,
I will rise up for you in battle & in victory
to shine forth Truth & Favor!"

So many people recently have received words about Light and Surrender... it comes as no surprise to me that the Lord is saying that it is in our Surrender to Him, that we allow His Light to shine most clearly! I remember years back being prophesied over about the Love that God has put in me. It was a word of warning of sorts... the person said that the Love of God flowed through me, but I had to be careful because some would be attracted to that for the wrong reasons or with the wrong purposes, yet others would need that Love of God to reach them and to transform their lives. Wow... I had to really think on that Word. I knew that it was true - and I do have a good level of discernment... however I did not want to hesitate for fear of attracting attention. Really - since I am being so honest here - I will say I didn't like the idea of drawing attention of any kind - good or bad. However, as I have surrendered to the Lord and allowed Him to flow and to shine through me... as you can all attest I am sure - I can so clearly see that it is so not about me... and it is all about Him! It is in surrending to His will and timing, and pushing aside that dreaded Hesitation... that I have found those divine encounters and opportunities in abundance!

So this word He spoke last week, gave me such a great visual! A few of the other scriptures our leader spoke on dealt with how we are living stones... and she read in Revelation the list of precious gem stones found around the throne. When we come to Him, and surrender, not only does He illuminate us and cause us to shine for Him, but He helps us to shine forth as the unique and precious gemstone that He created us to be! And as we continue to bow down to Him, His Light truly does shine through in greater brightness and with greater precision!

I pray this week He calls out to you, and you have trained your ears to hear Him! I pray you run out to meet Him, shining brightly as His Bride... (cue background music, "Come away with me, in the night.... come away with me, and I will write you a song....")

I pray He sings a love song over you this week,
romancing you & polishing you to

In His Arms,

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