August 7, 2006

Update/Prayer Request

Hey there Everyone...

This is not a normal Post, but it is a Prayer Request for my husband, Dave...

We went back to the Bone Specialist today for a new set of X-rays and a check-up to see how Dave's hand/bone is healing on it's own... and the X-rays unfortunately did not show much new growth... the healing is slower than the Dr. had hoped for and he agreed to let it sit on it's own for three more weeks... and after that he said if there was not much new growth, he would probably suggest surgery... needless to say Dave is not happy about this report. Surgery would start the healing process all over again and set him back that much farther from actually being able to play guitar... not to mention do his job at work and just basically function normally with the use of both hands.

We know that we have had prayers sent up on our behalf through out this ordeal... and we do so appreciate it... I must say that Dave's natural disposition is so encouraging and positive... it is difficult to watch him go through these negative, depression battles and yet I know it is 'normal' I suppose... we are just praying for faith and healing to rise up... we are believing that God is well aware of all that is going on and we want to follow His lead and stand on His Word in this trial. We are trusting in God that His plans and purposes for Dave are for good and that He will see us THROUGH this - physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially!

So many others we know are battling serious illnesses and diseases... trials and tribulations that seem so much bigger than our own - and yet - I can't convey enough how much Music is a part of who Dave is and what drives him onward... other than God and family - it is his biggest passion and greatest desire... it is the area that the enemy is most attacking him right now in his thoughts and worries!!?

We have three weeks... three weeks to see God work a miracle in recreating his bones in his left hand and strengthening him - mind, body, and spirit! We appreciate the prayers of agreement more than you can know! Pray however the Lords leads you...

In Him,
~Karrilee Aggett~

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