Ways to BE LOVE:

We can make this one oh so difficult, however often times 'being Love' is as simple as a smile, a hug... maybe a plate of something delicious for the neighbor down the street.  It could be unplugging to connect with the family, or serving downtown to feed the poor... it is in a million little tiny ways - as well as the bigger flashier ways!

Here are some ways we strive to Be Love:

Ministries/Charities we support:

Women At Risk, Int'l  - Creating Circles of Protection & Hope Around Women At Risk
The A21 Campaign - Abolishing Injustice in the 21st Century
Freeset USA - Purchase bags, apparel, or jewelry to help employ freed trafficked victims and give them a new start!
Mercy House of Kenya - a ministry for rescued pregnant teens in Kenya, helping them keep their child and teaching and training them how to parent, and teaching skills to gain employment and stay free of the sex trafficking industry.
End It Movement - Bringing awareness that leads to justice and freedom! The a vision to End the modern day slavery industry starts with Awareness. Shine a Light!
World Vision - Building a Better World for Children
Children of the Nations - Raising Children Who Transform Nations
WorldHelp - Help for Today, Hope for Tomorrow
Worldcast Ministries - Grace for all Nations
Union Gospel Mission (local branch)

Tips/Ideas on how to BE LOVE:

Extend Grace and Forgiveness... Practice Peace and Patience!

Practice the Fruits of the Spirit at home... (and then everywhere else!)

Make eye contact and offer a smile to strangers when you are out and about!

Offer to pray for others and then do it - right there!

Ask God for an encouraging message to share with someone specific - and then share it!

Find out the Love Language of the people around you - and then speak their language on purpose!

Snail Mail... seriously- who doesn't LOVE to get a card with an encouraging word in it?

Abiding Love, Abounding Grace Copyright 2018

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