January 1, 2023

Our Annual Prophetic Post for the New Year - 2023 Edition

Happy New Year, Sweet Readers!

Honestly - I didn't mean to be gone for nearly an entire year!  I wrote a post last week and didn't get too into all the why's of why I was absent here but let me say this - it was not intentional! I didn't decide to walk away from blogging, from writing, from connecting in this space... Life just sort of crowded it out and I felt a call for a season to hold many things closer to my chest.  I was called (--am still called, really!) to a more intense season of intercession. Between that, regular life, plugging back into church/ministry, a part-time job and schooling, and - of course - being a Mimi, Blogging got pushed to the side.

For now... I want to say, Here we are! We made it through 2022 and we are winding down the first full day of 2023! Once again, I am SO READY for a Brand New Year... a Fresh New Start... a Blank, clean slate! The Hope and Energy that accompanies the dawning of a new year is tangible and the pull towards Goal Setting and Dream pursuing and the endless possibilities for GOOD... well, it seems to only last for a few days, right?  So - the standing Open Invitation and long-running Date I have with the Lord continues and He woke me up early this morning, already speaking about 2023!

And that means it is time for our Annual Prophetic Post for the start of the New Year!

Before we dive into what God spoke to my heart about 2023, let's briefly look back at 2022...

On New Year's Eve, just after midnight, as my Honey and I were drifting off to sleep in the midst of an array of Blasts and Booms of fireworks going off, he said, "2023 is here!" to which I replied, "I hope it's better!"

2022 was long and stressful! It felt for MUCH of it, Hope held out and the 'carrot' at the end of the stick was always moving just out of reach! Many breakthroughs, Truths, and Injustices we thought would be revealed were not brought out into the open. But Hope DID remain... although there was also the year-end weariness and wariness that we went through all of 2022 waiting for some big reveals - and they just didn't happen. 

As far as the Prophetic Word and Book the Lord highlighted for 2022  well, as much as my flesh and the enemy may want me to think I missed the mark... it turns out (YET AGAIN!) that God is pretty smart and He knows what we need even if it is not what we want!  

The Phrase that the Lord gave us for 2022 was:
"Increased Encounters"

If I am being honest, it's only been the last month or so that I have truly experienced this myself, but my prayer is I helped lead others into more Encounters all year long! (If YOU experienced some new ways of experiencing Jesus or encountering the Holy Spirit, I'd love to hear about that!)

The Book of the Bible that God highlighted to me last year was the Book of PHILIPPIANS! It should have been a clue that the kind of JOY He was going to pour out over the year would not so much be the Glitter and Giggles kind of Joy! (While this Letter to the Philippians is considered Paul's most joyful message, it WAS penned in prison!) When I complained/whined to Him about how I was just so certain that I had heard Him clearly say He wanted it to be a year of Joy but all I felt was a delay and an impatience arising to keep on waiting, He asked me: "Do you really think you didn't experience Joy last year?"  

Hmm... well - I did.  At times... for a short period... when I stayed Present and allowed myself to be thankful in a moment! He went on to say the kind of Joy He poured out last year in all of us - if we were willing and if we will look back! - is a deeper joy... a lasting joy... one that is not conditional and one that only comes from going THROUGH something!  He also reminded me that my OneWord last year was STRONGER or STRENGTH - and I had assumed I would get fit... lift weights... gain confidence.  Again - the kind of Strength He stirred up in me was deeper... Something about The Joy of the Lord is our Strength... and when do we need strength? Yeah. When we are weak.  I can be honest and tell you even though it's true and He really did do what He said... in my flesh, I like to think I'd still prefer my version of Joy and Strength.  However, I have walked with Him long enough to know He really does know best! 

But - keep reading, sweet friends... I believe 2023 has great things in store for us!

I took an online quiz and it told me my Word for this year is "CONNECTION"... but I don't usually let a quiz pick my Word, so I decided to continue to pray for either confirmation or a brand new word! This morning, as I was in between Asleep and Awake, I heard Him say, "CONVENE". That is not a Word I would choose. It's not really - well... Instagrammable now, is it?  It's not in the line of words I even use.  It means to "Call or Gather together; to summon, to come together; to unite."

Well, I like that! I will keep praying into it for a few more days - asking for confirmation!

On New Year's Day, I ask God for 2 things:
1. A Book in the Bible to study or read through a few times throughout the year. 
2. A Prophetic Word or Phrase we can all look to throughout 2023. 


Say Goodbye to 2022 and let's welcome 2023! 

--The Book in the Bible:  


Ruth is a short little book in the Old Testament and one that I have studied several times. When He said Ruth, I immediately thought of Boaz and said, "Yes Lord! Yes!" Something about Your Redeemer King is Coming! Let it be so!  This is a story about Ruth, sure... and Naomi and Boaz... this is a story about God working out details BEHIND THE SCENES and this is about redeeming love and I don't know about you - but I know for me... I think we just may need a refresher and a reminder that God is working things out for our good and that He is coming for us! I encourage you to read through this short book this year at LEAST once or twice and ask the Lord what He has to show you in it!

Next, we dive into the Prophetic Phrase for 2023!

After I ask the Lord about what to read (and read and read again) in the Bible throughout the new year, I ask for a fresh word or phrase that we may find re-visiting us again and again as 2023 unfolds! I ask the Lord to give me a few words that reflect His heart and reveal what He has planned for the Body in the coming year!

--The Phrase:
"It's Time!
It is the FULLNESS of TIME!"

It came to me quick, while still laying in bed.  I heard Him say, "It's Time!"  I paused... pondering what that could mean - because, you know, it could mean so many things... and that is when He said it again! He said, "It's TIME!  It is the FULLNESS of TIME!"

The Fullness of Time makes me think the Waiting Season is Over! (Hallelujah and Amen, anybody?  I mean, anybody else?) In Scripture, that phrase is often referring to the Incarnation - when Jesus came! --Or like in Galatians 4:4, when the Gospel would spread worldwide. The "Fullness of Time" simply means the appropriate time, the due time, the right time --usually after a waiting period.


Hold On! 
Our Redeemer King is Coming... 
& I really believe 2023 is going to be amazing!


What about you, sweet reader? What is the Lord speaking to your heart about this coming year? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

Happy New Year, friends!

May 2023 be better - for you and for me
May we see and experience what our hearts are longing for and may we encounter our Redeemer King coming for us... coming through for us... 
And may we believe the Words of Worth and Love and Life that He sings over us this year!

In 2023, let's continue to:

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