January 1, 2022

Our Annual Prophetic Post for the New Year - 2022 Edition!

Happy New Year, Sweet Readers!

We made it through and here we are: January 1, 2022!  

A Brand New Year... a Fresh New Start... and I think all of us are ready for it --maybe even more than in years past!

This has become a somewhat anticipated post around here... but, as I've said before, it was a tradition long before I started this blog (which was a long, long, LONG time ago!) So, long before I wrote this New Years Day post here for the public, I practiced this routine in private --and year after year, it still proves to be... True... Helpful... Accurate... and Encouraging!

This is our Annual Prophetic Post for the New Year!

I know we have all felt a bit of trepidation and hesitant Hope during the approach of a New Year for the last few trips around the sun.  But I have to say, I feel ACTUAL Hope and Joyful Anticipation rising up as we enter into 2022!

It feels like all the Hard & Heavy from the past several years have been leading up to Now! NOW is the time... THIS is the year!

Before we dive into whatever God has to say about'22, let's briefly look back at 2021...

For 2021the Book in the Bible was JAMES! So full of (much needed) Wisdom and (unapologetic) Truth! It was both refreshing and convicting and I LOVED writing our way through it in the series on the blog!

The Phrase that the Lord gave us for 2021 was:
"Resurrection over Restoration!"

He told me that sometimes He chooses Resurrection over Restoration because sometimes something has to die to be able to breathe New Life back into it! 

I don't know about you, but I clearly saw that happen over and over and over last year. In broad, general ways as well as in small, personal ways, too! (Just a few examples at the top of the list would be C (--that which will not be spoken of... and the variants, too!) --and all that goes along with it, 2020 Elections, Various Expectations, our Small Group, etc.  Some were a surprise, and some we saw the end coming a mile away!

So, this year I believe we will see the finality of things dying and being raised to life again. I believe we will see the REVIVAL that always follows Resurrection and that just may be why I can sense actual Hope rising up as we step into 2022!

And now, we come to this tradition on New Years' Day, where I quiet my thoughts and opinions and still my spirit and I ask God for 2 things:
1. A Book in the Bible to study or read through a few times throughout the year. 
2. A Prophetic Word or Phrase we can all look to throughout 2022. 


Say Goodbye to 2021 and let's welcome 2022! 

I know... I know that even if, in the past, you were one who got all the warm fuzzies when turning to a new calendar year, --well... you may be a bit hesitant. I get it. I felt that way, too! 

But I'll just give you a little Spoiler Alert right up front:  
God whispered to my heart these words when I reminded Him of the last few years...
"I'm pretty excited for all that I have planned for 2022! You should allow yourself to get excited, too!" 
So - let yourself feel Hope Rising with Joy not far behind... and let's dig into the Book and Phrase for the year! 

As I prayed for the book in the Bible, I thought of Esther or Psalms or the Book of Enoch (which I know is not technically IN the Bible!)... but what God finally led me to is this:

--The Book in the Bible:  

You know how I am though, right?

God and I had sort of fallen into a routine of going from Old Testament to New Testament - back and forth - for several years. So I questioned Him. But looking at the themes in Paul's letter to the Philippians -well, it's a perfect follow-up to James! Plus - remember that Spoiler Alert above? Yeah - something about getting excited and feeling hints of actual Hope and Joy... and that, my friends, is what Paul brings to the Philippians! Eugene Peterson writes this about Paul and his letter to the Philippians: "This is Paul's happiest letter. And the happiness is infectious. Before we've read a dozen lines, we begin to feel the joy ourselves --the dance of words and the exclamations of delight have a way of getting inside us. ...Paul doesn't just tell us that we can be happy, or how to be happy. He simply and unmistakenly IS happy. None of his circumstances contribute to his joy: He wrote from a jail cell, his work was under attack by competitors, and after twenty years or so of hard traveling in the service of Jesus, he was tired and would have welcomed some relief. But circumstances are incidental compared to the life of Jesus, the Messiah, that Paul experiences from the inside."

See? Consistently, God knows JUST what we need! 

At this point, I have no plans or intentions to do a year-long series (like we did for Colossians and James!) --but you know how it is with me. He's the boss, so that could change! Right now I am focused on podcasting more consistently in 2022. Getting back (-- 'back'?!) to a regular schedule with Kayelyn for the CHANGING OUR MINDS podcast, as well as starting a brand new one -- Spirit-Led Prayers* -- with my friend and prayer partner, Lori. So, adding another series on the blog may be tough... but again, He's the boss of me! If He asks/tells me to do it, He is also Kind and Gracious to give me a doable timeline, too!

Next, we dive into the Prophetic Phrase for 2022!

After I ask the Lord about what to read (and read and read again) in the Bible throughout the new year, I ask for a fresh word or phrase that we may find re-visiting us again and again as 2022 unfolds! I ask the Lord to give me a few words that reflect His heart and reveal what He has planned for the Body in the coming year!

--The Phrase:
"Increased Encounters!"

2022 will usher in an Increase of Encounters with the Spirit Realm and with, specifically, the Holy Spirit!

Dreams & Visions... Supernatural Encounters and Experiences!

Revival will spread like WILDFIRE as the Spirit awakens a hunger to experience more of God. As much as WE long to encounter HIM --HE longs to encounter and envelope and empower US!

There is an Awakening coming in greater measure and we who have eyes to see and ears to hear must be willing to Be Present and to BECOME an Encounter for others!

I believe even more than in seasons' passed, we will walk in anointing and we will once again be Releasers of the Kingdom and Carriers of His Presence!

I believe in 2022, Prayer will become a main focus for many and God will enjoy more ongoing conversations and will reveal truths and give boldness and restore (or resurrect!) Righteousness once again. Not in a legalistic, religious way --but in a "Righteousness, Peace, and Joy - that's the Kingdom of God" kind of way! (Romans 14:17)

Hold On! He's Coming... 
& 2022 is going to be a wild ride!


What about you, sweet reader?

I wrote about my OneWord for 2022 already! You can read about that here. If you have not taken a moment or two to ask God for OneWord365 or if He has a word for you for 2022I encourage you to do so! It can be just one single word or a phrase He wants to sow into you this year!

Until then,

Happy New Year, friends!

May 2022 be Happier & Healthier for us all!
May we move in wisdom and grace, 
And may we experience an Increase
in Encountering Him and, in turn, Become an Encounter to those around us!
May we be Releasers of His Kingdom
and Carriers of His Presence
wherever we go! 

And in 2022, let's continue to purpose to:

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  1. This is a good perspective, "He told me that sometimes He chooses Resurrection over Restoration because sometimes something has to die to be able to breathe New Life back into it!"

    So true! "But circumstances are incidental compared to the life of Jesus, the Messiah, that Paul experiences from the inside."

    I agree with Him restoring prayer this year. Thanks for sharing your encouraging words, Karrilee!


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