March 10, 2019

When You Long for More... A Five Minute Friday post.


Hello, Friends! I'm happy to report that I'm sitting in this chair, ready to tap out some words --but YOU GUYS!?!!??! THE SUN IS SHINING AND I SEE ZERO CLOUDS (read: NO IMPENDING SNOW!) in the sky!

This is a Five Minute Friday post... which simply means I set a timer and free write for five minutes flat on the one-word prompt: MORE.


I see the word and I feel it down deep... 
the Longing for More... 
it's been a drawn-out season of waiting...
of hunkering down in the In Between.

For much of the past year or so, I've not really fought against the call to slow... to be silent... to give time and space to heal and to allow my soul room to breathe... as well as giving it room to re-focus, re-center, and re-emerge!

I've stated several times over the past couple of weeks that I feel as though I'm coming back to life again!

I see Hope around the Edges
and I hear the sing-songy-ness in my voice again
as I talk or speak or pray or laugh.  
I see a glimpse of myself and I think,
"Oh My! I have missed her!"

Over these days that turned to weeks,
and weeks that turned to months, 
(and months that turned to years!)
I've come to realize that an important part of the 
Waiting in the In-Between season
is meant to be a Gift!
The waiting is not just meant for 
Refreshing and Reviving...
for Sabbath and for Shifting...
It's partly that, of course!

But it's also meant to give you room to
decide what you really want... 
And not only that --but also room, 
as Emily P. Freeman talks about
in her new book, The Next Right Thing
to know what you want MOST!

Sometimes it takes time to know, or discover, or remember what it is that we are passionate about... what it is that we really want!  But that is just the first step, my friends!

The more important question follows next...
What is it that we want MORE or MOST?

I can't say for sure but at this moment, 
I'm not entirely sure what is next...
and I can't fully answer the
What I Want Most questions...
But even just allowing myself
the freedom to ask it is 
breathing life back into me!

I'm worth the asking...
What I want matters...
And I want for a lot of things*...
*Please don't read this as 'things', though!
I'm the least materialistic person you may meet...
I want a lot of Kingdom things... 
Healings, Miracles, Breakthroughs, 
Love, Joy, Peace, Justice, Unity
--and not (just) for me!

When you are longing for more... 
whether it be in your marriage or family... 
in your church or community...
in your career path or education...
in your faith or peace or just in your
everyday ordinary life, 
give yourself permission to slow and
to silence all the thoughts and opinions,
all the demands and expectations
for a time and to just breathe!

This will help your heart and your head
exhale, and you, too, just may begin
to feel Hope Arise around the Edges!


I'm finding that it's okay to let yourself long for change... long for breakthrough... long for a new season or a new path or a new (insert whatever you may be longing for!)  And it's even okay if you don't have words for it yet.  Sometimes new things take time to manifest themselves into your hopes and dreams.  At first, they may be far off and out of focus and that's okay.  

I'm reading Emily's new book that I mentioned above. 
It's based on her podcast of the same name and I knew already
that I would love it... and I knew that I needed it...
but I didn't realize how timely it would come to me
as I find myself coming back to life.

I was, it seems, frozen and incapable of making decisions last year... 
It felt as if we were stuck --but as I've mentioned, 
He assured us that we weren't stuck --we were Held
And now, as things are beginning to thaw and to awaken yet again,
Emily's words are giving me permission to lean into the longing...
and to ask the question of what do I want... 
and what do I want more... but ultimately, 
What do I want MOST?
  I'm finding... that is getting easier for me to answer!

What about you? How would you answer that question today?

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  1. As I read this the thought "came to me," of course we know what 'that' is so I must follow through...
    After your suddenly moments of grief in the past two years your very good Father knew you had to STOP to hear Him, to feel the depth of Him and so He slowed the hands of your clock. He said to you and Dave...I am taking you into a season of limbo - that is how it's going to seem to YOU but it will be a season of resting. A season of growing. A season of stopping. It is not a season of finality it is a season of preparation. Spring will come and new life will break forth. You will see with new eyes and the vision will be clear...wait for it. I never say "thus saith the Lord" because stones hurt but this is from deep down and it came as I read this post. Love you both. Hoping for August 2019: I.R.L. xoxo

    1. Oh, sweet friend! I receive it! It is actually confirmation of quite a few other words we have been given lately that all felt very 'thus saith the Lord!' AND ALL THE YES AND AMENS to August IRL! xoxo

  2. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Your post is making me so excited about reading Emily's book. I pre-ordered and I am loving the freebies. I want my kids to know that I love them. I want to be lov e especially on the hard days. Thank you for your encouragement, Karrilee! - Jolene

    1. Oh, I'm so glad you ordered it, Jo! I think it really carries within it the tools to really discover not only the next right thing right now... but how to get better all along the way at making decisions! Blessings to you, friend!

  3. So glad he holds us! And oh yes those kingdom things!! :)


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