December 30, 2018

A Year in Review... the Top Ten posts on the Blog.

 (according to stats, anyway!)


I hadn't really planned on doing a Year in Review post because --well, because I haven't really been as active on the blog as in years' past, and I'm allowing myself short sessions in front of a screen, pre-surgery!

And also because some of MY favorite posts didn't get much traffic or comments at all. Yet, it's always interesting for me to look back and see which posts created the most views or interaction.  I will say I miss the olden days of Blogging when the comment sections were full(er) and filled with community and back and forth conversation! I so value when you take the time to add a comment - short or long. It's such an encouraging reminder that these words we tap out here matter... and they make a difference!

So - without further ado, 
here are the TOP TEN posts of 2018:

(according to all the stats - in chronological order of dates published!)

1. Our Annual Prophetic Post for the New Year - 2018 edition
(This is a great one to re-read now... as come January 1st or 2nd, we will release the newest edition and reading the 2018 post will help you review your year and see if it rang true for you!)

2. MOTIVATE - The First Five Minute Friday post of the New Year!
(This is the one --er, well... one of the ones-- about The Greatest Showman!)

3. Waking Us Up to Dream Again... 
(This is a Book Review post about The Dream of You by Jo Saxton.)

4. I Surrender Some... 
(A Five Minute Friday post about Surrending ALL and not just some.)

5. Privilege... 
(Yeah... this is the post where we continue #GoingThere. It's fine... and necessary.)  

6. When It's Not Just Your Weary Body That Is Tired... 
(The post about Self Care and a bit about my Vision problems.)

7. Release the Secret Weapon
(A post on the Powerful weapon of Prayer and how it should be anything but a secret!)

8. Everybody Always...
(The Book Review and Giveaway post about Everybody Always by Bob Goff.)

9. The Way Maker...
(The post about Mom's battle and the song that God just kept putting in front of us.)

and lastly,
10. A Tribute to a Real Proverbs 31 Woman...
(The post honoring Mom after her passing.)

The numbers of views for these Top Ten posts add up to over 5,000. 

Now I'm not one to pay attention to stats or hits or any of that stuff! 

I know, I know... if I wanted to be a 'serious' blogger, I should pay more attention but I have always felt that God asked me to start this blog long before I (or a lot of people, really!) even knew what a blog was and I always told Him that I would write it and He could promote it and get it in front of whoever He thought needed to read it!  I still feel that way.

Thank you, sweet readers!

Thank you for hanging out in my little corner of the interwebs this year and for engaging in the comment section and for praying with me and for me and for the encouragement and love... the support and community offered here! 

YOU and Jesus, man!
You guys are why I sit here
and tap my heart out into words
that beat to the rhythm of His!

So here's to a New Year with New Beginnings and New Adventures and hopefully New Vision and some new posts, too!  

As I mentioned in an earlier post last week... I will write the Annual New Years post and then will most likely be a bit quiet around these parts as I heal from a couple of surgeries! I'm believing that in my recovery time of (more!?) prescribed Rest, He will have plenty to say to me... and I look forward to sharing at least some of that with all of you!

Until then,
Happy New Year!


  1. Such good ones! Might have to look and see what my top ones are. Love you friend!

    1. Do it! It's fun to see what got the most views or comments... rarely are the MY Top Ten, but still...


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