February 20, 2018

When You Just Can't See...

(...as in, quite literally!)


So, I was just humming along
trying to keep my goal of posting
twice a week here and showing up
at the #fmfparty Twitter party to
reconnect with my tribe
and finding my flow
and then... 

Well... then I finally went to the eye doctor
because these headaches and migraines
were getting worse and more frequent
and as much as I thought they were stress related,
I wanted to know one way or the other!

You should know that I have
a history of battles with/for my eyes.
I was born with cataracts
and had them removed as a teenager
as I was quickly losing my sight.  

I have warred and declared
and prayed for healing in
big (read: miraculous) 
and small (read: no more floaters!) 
ways for all of my days. 

I don't often take
the gift of sight
for granted!

Anyway - the eye doctor ran some tests
and while all the biggies are good...
(retinas healthy and intact, 
no new cataracts trying to grow back,
no glaucoma, etc.) 
she took a good look at my corneas
and sent me home.

Apparently I have multiple corneal abrasions
on both eyes and her orders are
to take out my contacts
and leave them out
as much as possible
and douse my eyes
with lubricating drops. 

And rest... plenty of rest 
  (As in -no eye strain! As in, no reading!?

Gasp... (I know!?

So these are the directions from my doctor: 
Don't go anywhere...
Stay indoors (read: no bright lights)
Rest your eyes... 
No contacts as long as possible 
and if you must, only for short periods,
and Lubricate. 

Repeat... every day... 
for three weeks
And then come back.

So basically I am grounded...
a forced Sabbath and with
no distractions of sight or vision.
I'm in my head and
weeding through my heart
and oh my goodness, 
the timing is not lost on me. 

We have been feeling
weary and exhausted
for some time now
and it turns out my body
and my eyes and my heart
and my spirit all need
a little lot of Rest!

So I am quiet in this corner
for a couple of weeks... 
I'm hopeful that in
all this Silence, 
He will speak.
And eventually, 
I will write!

Until then, know that I miss you and I am praying for each of you!

Let's be intentional to:


  1. Oh dear sister I am praying for you so much! I understand the "forced rest" kind of direction! May the Lord hold you close and cover you with His wings now.

  2. Oh sweet one, I'm so sorry. Praying for you and asking the Lord to reveal Himself it ways to you that He hasn't before. Love you!


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