April 12, 2017

The Power of a Life Made New... A Spoken Word

It is Holy Week... 

As Aliza Latta wrote a few days ago,  Jesus is going to die on Friday.

Like Aliza, I can't get over it.  

The thought that He did it for me... He did it for you.  

Sure - it was over two thousand years ago now and I have walked with Him for some time, so Easter is not new to me... but the gift that Holy Week delivers every year is this astonishment at the price He paid to make us His... to call us His Beloved... to buy us back!

You just can't get over that kind of Love.  

There is no getting used to it! --or at least I pray that there isn't.  

I pray that we never tire of singing a love song back Him and we never grow 'used to' the idea that He took our place... stretched out and bridged the gap and died on the Cross to pay our debts... He did it all --2000 years ago-- so that we would live for eternity... so that we would have New Life... and have a new covenant and be grafted in to the Family... in to the Kingdom that is both here and not yet!

Jesus will die on Friday... 

Last Sunday, I was honored to give a Spoken Word...  

Consider this my offering on Wednesday...  lest we forget or become accustomed to this Story... His Story... the greatest story ever told that we have the honor of retelling every single day in how we live and tap into the Power of a Life Made New.

May He give you opportunities this week to let His heart be given through you... 

May you know and remember and lean in to the Power of a Life Made New!


  1. Definitely a kind of love we can't get over! So thankful for that! Love you friend!

  2. What a powerful and beautiful word that God gave through you! Thank you for sharing. His love just keeps giving and giving, and overwhelms us, when we open our hearts to receive! Blessings to you!


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