March 24, 2015

Just One Thing... well, Three... Just THREE Things... (a Guest Post.)

My sweet friend Ginger Harrington invited me over to her corner of the Interwebs to hang out and talk about Just One Thing.  I am honored to be sharing with her and her readers, but y'all know me... and how I have issues problems difficulties in picking just one of anything

So really, it's Just Three Things... and I am pretty sure you can guess what those are!

"Sometimes we feel as if we need to change All. The. Things. and stat! But real change, deep-down-in-your-soul change… that happens slowly, on purpose, over time. The good news is that it is often kick started with one small shift.  A different perspective, or renewed priorities, or a return to the basics of what we really believe and how we live it out every day..."

This series is all about exploring the power of simple choices and changes for powerful growth.  

I'd love to have you join me HERE to read about the One Three Things that I believe can change your life and help you grow - and the One Thing that it takes to make it all possible!

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