November 16, 2013

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 18

After the bossy and busy of October - which, in reality - was mostly good, and mostly of my own doing... I am finding that I am slow with the full re-entry in doing and reading All The Things.  Maybe it's because my favorite holiday is fast approaching and I have yet to host a Pinterest party this season nor have I managed to finish any of the 12 books I am currently reading... (and you think I'm joking, or over exaggerating except for the fact that Allume sent me home with all sorts of new piles of books to read in edition to the piles already here - and then... well, then I rediscovered the LIBRARY!? I know... I may have a problem?)

Anyway - all of that to say... this is the one thing I can do a little at a time, all week long and still feel like I am actually accomplishing something! So as I discover Awesome around the Internet... I add to my list... and then you get this 'Thing' here that hooks you up... in case, you know, like me - you are super busy doing all sorts of things and yet not always completely finishing them? No? That's just me? Hmmm... well - at any rate - I finished this!

Happy Reading!

* This post over at BibleDude by my sweet friend - and amazing writer - Ashley Larkin... 

* This post by Donald Miller on how we jump to conclusions in our minds and maybe - just maybe we should try not to do that!

* This one by Jennifer Dukes Lee where she reminds us how to breathe!

* This post over at Lisa Jo Baker's on how we must stop hating our bodies!

* This by Nasreen Fynewever because - well - just SO MUCH YES!!!

* This post over at Relevant Magzine by Sean Bess could be speaking to me because I still feel exhausted from a bossy October - but I don't think so... I think it speaks to me because it is TRUTH!

* This post by the ever encouraging Holley Gerth on when you feel lonely.

* This one by Emily Freeman stirs me up in all the best ways! She asks how will you live, 'when your soul is truly at rest...' and really... ponder how you answer this!

* This by my friend Rebekah Ellis over at Three Bees in a Blue Bonnet on Tree (a Five Minute Friday post!)

* The post right here from Abiding Love, Abounding Grace where I wrap-up my #31days series on Encountering God

And lastly - our video... because that's how we do! (And really - how can you go wrong with a little Bon Jovi, Living on a Prayer?) Click the link below:

What did I miss? Did you find anything Amazing online this week that I didn't list here? Link it in the comments and share the love, people!

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