November 3, 2013

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 16

So - this is like a BONUS issue of sorts... but not really!? I had made this shorter list to share while I was away on vacation, but somehow it didn't get scheduled correctly so here it sat - all unpublished... for days and days...  but I'm just gonna go ahead and post it now - better late than never, right?

We'll get back on track this Saturday with new posts to share... until then - here ya go:
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Hey - so... turns out this Thing has become so much a part of what I do - I didn't want to COMPLETELY leave you hanging around here... so here is a shorter list.. but hopefully enough of an offering of Awesome that you will come back in a week or so when I am back to it - like, for real!

For now - I am not really writing this in real time... but have gathered a few of these pieces early on from this week - you know, BEFORE all the travel...all so that you wouldn't be lonely on a Saturday morning!
So - here we go...

Happy Reading!

* This post over at Jennifer Dukes Lees' by Kimberlee Conway Ireton for the Mama's who feel like they can't make it through another day!

* This post by Kelli Woodford over at Bible Dude on what it's like to be in the Untidy Conclusions and the Messy Middle Place!

* This post over at Shauna Niequists' that has to count as at least several - since she gives you book recommendations ya'll!

* This one by Emily Wierenga on her Not So Pinterest Life!

* This by Ann Voskamp over at with a challenge to take on the Smile Project... go ahead... I dare ya!

* The post by me on Encountering God in Friendships, part of my #31Days series.

And lastly - our video... because that's how we do! This will wake you up in all the right ways, my friends! Glory, Glory, Hallelujah... We Win in the End...

(So - it turns out I meant to post this one LAST Saturday while I was gone - and it just so turns out that at Women of Faith this past weekend, I got to hear/see Natalie Grant perform this little gem live and OH MY STARS!!!)


  1. I'm honored to be included in such a list. Thanks, Karrilee!

  2. Wow, thank you friend...


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