November 21, 2012

Thankful Links... to help you start off Thanksgiving Day!

Last weekend, I was overwhelmed and honored to be included in a great post by Jennifer J. Camp where she highlighted a handful of fellow bloggers who had written posts that encouraged or inspired or blessed her in some way! I LOVED this idea... over the past few months, I have discovered and befriended many fellow bloggers who boldly share their hearts and bare their souls... their words inspire, heal, encourage, give comfort, challenge, shine bright, offer grace, all dripping in love! (Sometimes - all of that, in a single post! Sometimes, all of that in a single FIVE MINUTE post!)

So - I wanted to take a moment, this Thanksgiving week, and do the same!  Here are just a few of the incredible anointed writers online whose words and hearts have blessed me this week:

*     Because this post was inspired by the amazing Jennifer, it comes as no surprise that her post on finding an unexpected, unplanned for moment of quiet is first on my list!

*     Elisa brings it home with a simple call to be a blessing over this holiday week - to follow the call of Philippians 4... read this post, and join Operation Blessing!

*     Lisa Jo eloquently reminds us that - no matter the size of your home - your Hospitality can be LARGE.

*    Nikki over at SimplyStriving has a way about her... it's real and honest and stirring and I have yet to meet her in real life - but my heart sings loudly that we are kindred spirits - her and I! I know this Thanksgiving post will bless you... and stir you on to think about how you live out your gratitude too!

*    And how could one possibly make a Thanksgiving post and not include words by the one with no flourish to her name, who has reminded us of the importance of counting gifts?  Ann Voskamp talks about giving thanks even in the hard times... yada yada yada!

I hope you are able to read through these - maybe in between shifts of baking, or setting the table, or simply bookmark them and read over them when the house is quiet once again, the turkey coma has hit, ...the dishes can wait! Feed your spirit!

I pray for each of you that at some point... some rare quiet alone-in-the-corner moment, He will show up and surprise you... and cause you to remember all the ways you are thankful - the ways you take for granted, the people you may not count at first thought, the circumstances that while hard, produced fruit you couldn't have planned for.  May you take snapshots in your heart (and a camera is not a bad idea either!), and make memories together... glimpses of gifts you will be counting for years to come!  I pray you will find stirring within you a spirit of thankfulness that goes beyond this one Thanksgiving Day, and evolves into a way of life... a way of living... a way of being love!

I'd love to hear of other blog posts that have blessed you this week as well! Please feel free to leave a link in the comments below!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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