November 4, 2012

Glory in Trees... my love for Autumn goes on!

Today is November 4th, 
& I have not written here for days...
D.A.Y.S. !!!

At first, I was relieved!
Honestly, it was a little overwhelming
- my first time participating in the 31 Days challenge
to pick a topic & write on it every day, for the month of October!
I usually have PLENTY of words & I thought - easy peezy...
pick something I love (Fall!) & simply write!
Some days were just that: Easy Peezy!
Other days, well, not so much!

So I have enjoyed doing other things these past few days,
painting, reading (other 31 Dayers!), playing with my camera,
oh yes - & my kiddo & hubby!
They both felt a tiny bit neglected last month!
But I was just curious...
in all of you reading here
- whether it was one post, or the whole series,
have you found yourself falling for Autumn?

Some of the posts were obvious
(Falling leaves, Tradition, Candy, Crisp Chilly Mornings!)
some maybe not so much
(School supplies, Peacoats, Rainy Days, Football!)
But each post I hope stirred up something in you... 
if not a kindred spirit with me - a lover of all things Autumn,
then one that is learning, ever so slowly, (like me)
 to embrace Change... to lean in to it...
to find the purpose & fun & adventure in it all!

Click HERE to see each daily post
& just read along & see if you find yourself falling,
at least just a little bit!

This is why I love Autumn in my town...
this was the Glory in Trees
that caused praise to fall from our lips,
as leaves fell from the branches!

Happy Fall!

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