April 24, 2006

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Hey there... I am merging some of my other Blog postings here... so this will become my Main Writing Blog... these postings are all from the past two or three months... Enjoy!



"To Shine Forth with Love"
By Karrilee Aggett

How often have you wondered, "God - what is taking you so long?" If you are like me, it is an ongoing question! I believe that God is a God of Seasons...we are aware of the fact that there are Seasons when we are called to Wait on the Lord; there are Seasons when we are called to just get busy with what we know to be doing and then there are those Seasons in between! I have found myself in one of those in between Seasons. I feel like I am done with the Waiting season, but don't quite know what it is exactly that I am to be doing. OK- I am going to get real with you. I can be stubborn, and at times very strong-willed; sometimes misguided and (lately) always too busy! I know that God has called me to do something, but since He has so far remained silent with the specifics, I just quit moving in that direction all together! Each of us has things that God is preparing us for, or working within us to accomplish. For me, I know that He has put it on my heart to write - but write what? I do not know! Since I am feeling a release from waiting - and yet still have no clear direction or topic - I stopped writing completely, and that has seemed to backfire! It is when I write that I can clearly hear Him - which explains why I haven't felt so connected lately. It's a vicious circle that this year I will break out of! I will gather my writings of the past, and begin to write again and just SEE what He will do with it all! It will take faith, obedience, and simply remaining honest with Him, and myself!

The other day, I woke up early. It was a wintry, foggy morning and all was quiet in the house. The night before I had battled a sleepless night - fighting off the enemy's thoughts. But on this morning I was rested, yet wide awake! I felt no urgent need to intercede, and almost crawled back into bed. But that still small voice was silent - still there - but waiting on me! It dawned on me as the sun began to warm its way through the fog, that God - the Creator of the Universe - was here, patiently waiting on ME!? I sat down and said, 'Lord - I just want to be with You. Its been a long while since Ive been up early and just sat with You with no ulterior motive!' I spent some time loving on Him, reminiscing of days gone by, thinking of His faithfulness, of answered prayers. I spent some time re-evaluating and repenting. Then I just sat there in the quiet and felt His Presence, His Joy. After awhile, I asked Him if there was anything He wanted to tell me; anything He wanted to give me. (So much for no ulterior motives?! But... I couldn't resist?!) He said, 'Love! - Just My Love!' I asked, 'What about Discernment, or Wisdom, or a Clearer path to what You want me to do this year?' He said, 'Love - all of that and more is included in my great Love for you, Karri!'

'Fill me up to overflowing,' I prayed. 'Let Your Love so fill me that if flows out of me as well. Its Your Love - its You - that is able to melt away a stony heart, open up blind eyes, and change lives for the better! This is what I want - whatever You call me to do - to accomplish!' This is not a revelationary thought! I know this stuff! After all, Jesus said that they would know that we are Christians by our love! Our love for Him, for each other, for them! Above and beyond everything else that we are called and anointed to do - we are called to Love! So, how do we do this?! In theory, when we are in tune with God, we all WANT to allow His love to flow through us and reach out and touch those around us! Those we love; those we know we SHOULD love, and those we don't even know yet! But, how? How do we consistently do this? I believe God revealed the key to consistency to me as I asked for wisdom in this area of allowing Him to flow through me. As I prayed for clarity, He gave me one word. Just one simple Word:


The Webster's Dictionary defines transparent like this: to be seen through, Capable of transmitting light so that objects or images beyond can be clearly perceived; easily detected, obvious; readily understandable, clear; without guile, candid; luminous. The Strongs Concordance states that the Greek word for transparent is diaphanes (dee-af-an-ace). The root word 'dia' (dee-ah) means the channel of an act, through, and 'phiano' (fah-ee-no) mean to lighten, to show, appear, shine. As I pondered on what this meant, God showed me a picture of myself, approaching the Throne. I was so drawn to Him that I hadn't really noticed the state of my own appearance. I looked down and saw that I was literally a Transparency. Once I realized I was transparent, I began to notice smudges, finger prints, and filth. I knew that they were there and wanted to run and hide. Yet before I could turn away, I was being washed by the Blood. The Blood was wiping away every blemish - and I stood before my God, cleansed and transparent as His light shone through me.

It's not just about being transparent with God, though. I believe that we are called to Get Real this year and be transparent with each other as well. Our God is a relational God and He desires honesty and openness in us no matter who we are in relationship with! What if Joseph was never transparent with his brothers regarding his dreams!? What if he kept all that 'bowing down' to himself? Who can know what might've taken place? Maybe his brothers would have resented him for being the Favorite, but surely they would not have resented him quite so passionately. But we DO know that even though they couldn't wrap their minds around the meaning of his dreams, it was Joseph's transparency that caused the actions that turned those dreams into reality! Joseph was gifted to be able to interpret dreams, but do we know that he was able to fully interpret his own!? We know that he did hold them in his heart though and he remembered them when it was most important! Sometimes - most times - we need someone elses perspective to help us see more clearly our own situation! What about the sons of Zebedee? Sure - maybe they didn't PLAN on the other disciples overhearing Moms request - but their motives were made transparent by the answer Jesus gave and all 12 were better for it! We can go throughout the Scriptures and find example after example of God using those who are Transparent before Him - and therefore transparent FOR him, as well! God has a special way of causing us to be Transparent with Him - that part is easy - after all He sees all things... what is the use of hiding or trying to pull one over on Him in the long run!? However, as I mentioned, I believe that this year - God is calling us to be more transparent and honest with each other... and in doing this, I believe that this year will be a year of fulfillment. This year we will see many of those things we have been waiting on God for, and many answers we have been seeking, come to pass.

I believe if we are willing to be vulnerable and transparent, with God and with each other, this Season will see the Body of Christ rise up to what she is called to be! There may be things you know you have been called to do. You know that you know that you know - but you have not spoken that thing out for fear that others would not understand or support you. We will always have people who question what we've heard, well have the naysayers and scoffers. But when we share our vision, we also will find the encouragement and support that we need to turn it from a dream into a reality!

His desire is to shine through us, to flow through us with all of Him. It only works when we are willing to go before Him for cleansing. When we allow walls to build up between ourselves and Him - our view of Him (and ourselves) is obstructed. The clearer our view of Him is, the clearer the image beyond can be perceived. My desire this year is to share more openly that what I feel I am called to do, simply because I know I can not do it on my own! It's going to take God, and me, and whoever else His plan involves that I may not be aware of! So I am stepping out in faith and boldly proclaiming that which I feel called to do. Sure - some may not agree, some may not share my vision or may even question my ability. But it is HIM shining through me that will get it done in the end! My desire is to be Luminous, to be more transparent - to shine forth with Love in whatever He has called me to do each day!

There is a song I've been hearing coming from my daughters room lately. It is called, "Get Your Shine on" and while its not necessarily a song about the Lord, my goal this year is to find my 'Shine' in Him and put it on! May you find your Shine too!

GOD, be merciful and gracious to us and bless us and cause His face to shine upon us and among us--Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!-- That Your way may be known upon earth, Your saving power (Your deliverances and Your salvation) among all nations. Ps 67:1-2

Sunday, February 26, 2006
"Fruit from Prayer"
Karrilee Aggett

Hey there...

Well - here's the deal... I started going to this Women's Intercessory Prayer deal on Tuesdays. We are new to the church (sort of... new-ish anyway?!) and I am feeling like I should try to step out and make some new contacts. So - where else would I go to meet like-minded women - than to a prayer meeting?! LOL!? Sure... most of them are still older.... but these are my people!? LOL!

Anyway - two weeks in a row during prayer, God gave me visions... still not clear on the whole deal - but this is what I 'saw'...

Vision #1 - Storms of this world are raining down hard on me (? a woman anyway!) I see this woman and she is just getting bombarded with heavy rains and is starting to get soaking wet... she throws her head back and yells for Jesus. He comes on the scene like Elasti-girl (from The Incredibles) and stretches Himself over her and immediately she is safe, and warm, and dry again... He is taking on all the rain and wetness and He is soaked now - but she is dry. Then - something in His countenance changes and He pulls back... the woman is getting soaked now and just when she was beginning to complain about it - she saw His face... He was laughing and so filled with love and joy for her... they were both getting drenched and she realized that the storm was over- and now this rain was blessings from heaven! She begins to dance in it and receive all the Showers God has for her as Jesus watches in Joy! (end of vision!)

Vision #2 - this vision was of a woman (me) climbing up this mountain trail and Jesus is behind her, beside her at times, sometimes leading... and they get to the top - and the trees clear away and she walks to the very edge... it's a cliff or drop-off and she stops. Jesus is behind her now and He sort of nudges her to keep going... and she is like - "Hello!? Are you crazy!? Its' a CLIFF?!" So - she explains that she can't really go any farther... she inches to the edge and looks down and can't see what is below due to the cloud cover! So - she says, "OK Lord - I am more than willing - I know You led me to this place - but I need to just wait until the clouds burn away so I can see - then I will climb dow,n I guess?!" And Jesus just laughs at her and looks directly in her eyes - ya know - like only HE can... and He says, "My Beloved, If that is what you want - I CAN take away the clouds - but trust me- it is for your benefit. You can't see all that is below this way - that is true! But it will take more faith for you if you see it... besides," He says laughing, "I don't want you to fall - or climb down... I want you to SOAR!" (End of vision!)

So - After the first vision, that prayer time ended up being all about rain... even though I didn't share what I saw... (OK - yes - I did eventually - because, well - how could I not?!) and what I loved about the 2nd vision is that I have been feeling like I cannot move forward without the details...but apparently the cloud cover... or confusion, or lack of details is for OUR OWN BENEFIT in this season - and we are not going to Fall or have to backtrack and go downwards... we are going to FLY... and this is what blessed me most... why do we think that He won't go and fly WITH us!? He walked up that path all the way - in front of, beside, and behind her... why would He push her off and not jump too!? Isn't that just like our God?!

"More Fruit from Prayer"
Karrilee Aggett

Well - here are a few more writings from that Prayer meeting on Tuesdays I've been going to...

February 28, 2006

Prayer & Vision:
"Thank You, Lord, that as we gather together with Purpose and begin to enter in - to intercede and to worship, You slip forward to the edge of Your Seat and You hush the Hosts of heaven to hear the cries and petitions of our hearts - You explain to the ministering angels that whatever requests that spill from our lips - You DESIRE to answer them - it gives You JOY to open up the storehouses of heaven. Whatever the need - whatever the desire - Your Great Love for us showers down, Lord! Thank You, Father God, for the open door in this place that gives us FULL ACCESS to all that You ARE - thank You, Lord, that as we gather to meet & enter in to be unified in prayer - that You look forward to meeting with us and You anticipate what we speak forth so once it is SPOKEN - You can then begin to assign those to bring about the answer AND the Blessing! Amen!

In my spirit - I heard, "Disrupt us, OH LORD!" and then I saw this: vision that showed me two perspectives of the same 'movie' if you will. The scene - a huge meeting was taking place... it was very orderly and official - lots of important business going on with many important, powerful men. (I noted that there were no women at the meeting - possibly to show Authority?! Not sure) Anyway - they were all gathered in one room and all of the sudden a little girl enters the room. She is dancing, and giggling, twirling, and singing... she runs up to "Daddy" and He willing takes her up and puts her on His lap. He begins to interact with her and she wins His full attention. Suddenly SHE is the most important person in that room to Him. The others at first think it a cute a distraction...but then their attitude quickly changes and they are annoyed and worried that the business at hand will not get dealt with. Distraction becomes Disruption. They are not bad men - but if they had it their way - the leader of this meeting (Daddy) would now send the daughter away! After all - there is a time and a place for such affection... Flash - and now it is starting over.. same room, same men, same meeting.... but instead of a child entering... it is a Bride! She enters the room dancing and twirling and singing much the same way... and her Husband lifts her up and takes her in His arms...to them, the rest of the room disappears. She will NEVER be a DISRUPTION to Him - she can never be a distraction... for to Him - this meeting is all about her - she is ALWAYS His focus!

I looked up the definition for Distraction and Disruption... it seemed that was significant somehow...

Distraction means: 1 a state of mental uncertainty distraction I forgot where I was> 2 a state of wildly excited activity or emotion distraction by the constant screaming and bickering in the house> 3 the act or activity of providing pleasure or amusement especially for the public.

Disruption means: 1 a : to break apart : b : to throw into disorder disrupt the meeting> 2 : to interrupt the normal course or unity of

March 7, 2006
By: Karrilee Aggett
Scriptures Read:
2 Timothy 4:1-8; 2 Timothy 3:12; Numbers 15 & 16; 1 Thes. 5:12-13; Romans 8; Psalm 18

As I was driving to church for the Intercessory Prayer meeting, the Lord impressed me to read through Psalm 18 before going in. As I walked into the meeting, it was already underway and of course, Ps 18 "fit" with what the ladies had been talking about already.

Once we began to pray and worship, I had a vision of a Fortress - huge ornate brick walls built all the way up around this heart. It was a large structure that was easily several stories tall and I saw workers all around the walls. They were all trying to remove these walls - brick by brick - by hand. They knew the walls must come down and they were busy tearing them apart. Finally - a small remnant stopped taking the bricks apart and began to gather together - they began to sing out loud and praise the Lord and march around the perimeter of the Fortress walls. The walls then melted like wax and fell down like the walls of Jericho. "We" (the remnant - AND the other workers) could see inside the heart as it was Transparent and there was another Fortress INSIDE the Heart. My immediate thought was "Oh NO!?" and then the Lord zoomed me into the "Ps 18:1-2" written on the heart. Ps 18:1-2 says: "I will love You, O LORD, my strength. The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; My God, my strength, in whom I will trust; My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold." I love that - the LORD is our Fortress! HE is our Stronghold!

One thing that Shari said was when she was talking about the Scripture in James 2:13 (Mercy triumphs over judgment) and how the Lord always favors Mercy. There are times we are called to call things forth - or to uncover things - but rather than moving in judgment - we are called to move in Love. The Lord said, "When you speak the Truth In Love, it is DRIPPING with Mercy!!!" We are called to pray and praise our way through trials and good times alike. Often God will give discernment or reveal a thing to pray over and through - and sometimes it is for the purpose of Truth In Love Confronting. When that Clarity, that Judgment, is wrapped in Mercy - the walls will melt down!

As we were singing about the River - I heard the word "Marinate" and wrote this prayer:
"Our hearts' desire Lord is to MARINATE in Your Presence! Marinate our Hearts, Lord! Let us soak up Your Presence. Let us soak in and absorb all that You have for us. We wait here Lord with thirsty and expectant hearts. Father God, we want to soak up Your Love,; Soak up Your Grace, Your Fruit of the Spirit that are abundant in Your Presence! we want to marinate in Your very character. Let it be so powerful in us that when we walk away today - we carry with us Your Flavor, Your Scent, Your very Essence, Lord! As we savor You today Jesus, marinate us - saturate us - so we can go forth and cause others to hunger and crave You all the more! In Jesus Name! Amen!

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