January 30, 2007

Amazing Love... He'd do it again!

I have to share that for the past several weeks, or months,
the Lord has requested that I do not share
much during these Prayer meetings.
At first I was sort of relieved.
I tend to be a bit hesitant to share,
feeling like I do not want any undue attention.
I am careful (usually) to point to the Lord.
Obviously, whatever He reveals or shares,
is from Him & has little to do with me anyway.
So, when He first asked me to be silent,
I gladly agreed - not wanting to be known
as the 'Vision Girl' or whatever?!
You all know what I am talking about...
we tend to relate to people in the Body
according to the gift or anointing that we see them moving in.
Of course - we must know on a deeper level,
that there is more to them than what we see
- but time restraints & other issues often keep us
from going deeper with each other!
I was, at first, glad to find He was still showing me things,
but asking me to keep quiet.
I did feel that He was happy I was writing
things down here for some reason.
I came to realize it was some sort of a test for me,
at least on one level.
I came to search my heart & wonder if
I, myself, was getting my identity mixed up in the gifting.
I also went through a short period where I felt like I didn't belong.
I wasn't sure if it was really an attack from the enemy,
or an unsettling from God.
But I realized that it was because
I was not able to share or pour out,
& I began to question if God was moving me
on to a new place & a new season.
To be honest, I was a bit surprised at the feeling
of discontent in that thought!
It seems for nearly 7 years,
we have been planted & moved in shorter seasons.
I think much of what the Lord was doing in me
was to show me that He truly has planted me here.
I can know that He is in control,
that I will Go when He says Go,
but until then - I am planted!
I felt a release of responsibility
as others began to share & step out as well!
It is exciting to see that others are hearing
the same message in a different way.
Each week it seems that the Lord shows me something
- & others as well - the message is the same,
however the way we see or receive it is different!
Isn't God good to speak to us in a way
that we can each relate & accept!?
Anyway - it has been harder for me
to remain silent as the weeks go on,
but I also know that God, in His faithfulness
is still pouring out truth to me,
He is still revealing more of what He wants me to know & see,
& there is coming a day where He will release me again.
This silence has been a time to ponder & consider
& test my own heart as to what & why I share things...
Do I want the fame or glory?
Do I like the 'in' & acceptance it can open up to me?
Sometimes... yes!?
Is it so closely tied with who I am that I feel cast aside if I don't get to move in it?
Again... sometimes, yes!?
Do I know that it is not about me, & all about Him?
Yes... I do... however, in the spirit of transparency,
the lines can tend to get blurry if I am not watchful!
I believe there is coming a releasing
& in order to flow with it,
I will need to have these things settled in my heart!
(...And you will too!)
So - for that, I am thankful for this time of holding my tongue!
The most amazing thing to me is that even while
He is searching my heart & my motivations,
He continues to pour out Himself & reveal His plans!
So - today during Prayer,
we began worship by singing "Amazing Love".
This is one of my all-time favorite songs...
as we entered in to worship, I was singing along,
"Amazing Love, how can it be?
...that You my King would die for me..."
As I sang out, I heard Him say,
"I would do it again! ...I would do it again for you!
Some days I feel like I am - like I have...
My Love is poured out freely over all
- & so often, it goes unnoticed & unappreciated.
Oh how your heart would break with Mine...
You say you feel unnoticed & unappreciated
- know that in this, I can relate!
Oh that your heart would break with mine
& allow Me to flow freely through you.
You are My hands & feet...
my very heartbeat to the world.
My desire is that you would follow My lead
& allow My Love to flow freely.
Do not worry about what others would say or think;
Do not worry about how they will react
or what they will DO with this Love.
Just pour it out!
If we work & move together as One
- as we were made to be - they will not withstand us!
The Father & I are One... & we should be One as well!
My Love will go unnoticed & unappreciated no more!
There is coming a wave of Glory!
There is coming a move of Divine Love
- & it is coming through YOU!
Each of you, who are willing,
...allow Me to love on you!
...spend time with Me,
& then go forth - drenched in My Love, & Mercy, & Grace,
& reach out - pour out that which I have given you!
Freely you have received, now freely give!"
Wow?! Sounds like a Mandate to Love...
We must Love Him first...
Receive His Love...
& then Go Forth to Love others!
Last week,
He encouraged me/us to pay attention to what
He shows us in others & speak it forth!
I pray you had an opportunity or two to do that!
I was able to hear His call to send out a few cards,
& while preparing to do that,
I really asked for His heart for these women...
It amazes me, every time, that when we ask...
He is waiting to answer!
Continue on this week in Love!
Look for opportunities to
Speak Life & Spread Love!
"Amazing Love, How can it be?
That You my King, would die for me?
Amazing Love, I know it's True!
It is my Joy, to honor You!
In all I do, I honor You!"
In Him, & His Amazing Love,
Be Blessed!

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