Yes... Podcasts - as in multiple!

I am now the co-host of two (very) different podcasts and they are BOTH hosted on Anchor.fm

I used to post the new episodes here, however, I pulled away from blogging in 2022 but not so much from podcasting.

I am feeling a pull back to blogging in 2023 - we shall see what that actually ends up looking like - but the podcasts are here to stay!

Our original Podcast (which I used to add here to this page) is Changing Our Minds - a podcast co-hosted by my all-grown-up girlie and me.  We talk about all kinds of things - real-life stuff... and we laugh. We love to laugh!  We also are consistently the WORST at keeping a schedule. We will work on that in the New Year!

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My SECOND Podcast is called, Made to Pray and in it, my co-host Lori and I chat a little and then we actually pray together! So if you are looking for prayer partners or just want to pray together, tune in! It is nearly a year old already - and for THIS one --well? I manage to be consistent and we release a new episode every Monday morning - just in time for setting your work week on the right path or listening and praying along as you dive into carpools and craziness!

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Clearly - we took a break!
But not THIS much of a break! We switched hosts and I somehow neglected this page on the blog! Sadly, you haven't missed THAT many Episodes, but if you'd like to catch up - please click on over to our Anchor.fm page to listen to each episode! (Or - of course! - listen wherever you find your podcasts!) Our hope and plan is to be back consistently in January, but Karrilee will be back a few more times this year, sharing some Christmas Cheer! ***

On How Time is Weird in 2020...

September pretty much came and went and we didn't exactly MEAN to take a month off, but oops - we did it again! We are back in this episode talking about COVID and Quarantine, Working from Home, How Our Lives Stayed Mostly the Same, and How Time is weird in 2020! Grab something yummy and pull up a seat, or lace up those shoes and go for a walk or run with us! We wrap it up with our 3-2-1's and a promise (-ish) to be back soon!

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~Karrilee & Kayelyn~

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We talked about posting a playlist or two and a video... maybe a meme... however we'll just link those over on our Facebook Page so head over there for that info! Below, we will include our 3-2-1's!
Kayelyn's 3-2-1's: 3 Things She's INTO:
1. Blow Drying her Hair
2. Invisalign Braces
3. Waking Up Early (as in 5a.m. early!)
2 Things She's OVER:
1. Smokey Air (due to wildfires along the West Coast!)
2. Her Lack of Follow THrough in actually Waking Up Early! lol!
1. Halloween/Dressing up with her family!
Karrilee's 3-2-1's: 3 Things She's INTO:
1. My Honey and I BOTH really loving our jobs!
2. LOST (TV Show - Streaming on Hulu)
3. Ben Platt Playlist on Spotify
2 Things She's OVER:
1. The Overly Politicized/Hostile Culture and lack of mature conversations with people who disagree with us.
2. Grief/Losing People... Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Jack's passing and while we are happy that he is with Jesus, we miss him so!
1. Going to a Pumpkin Patch with the family!!!

Until Next time, Remember to: Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On.
~Karrilee & Kayelyn~




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Kayelyn's 3-2-1's:

3 Things She's Into:

2 Things She's Over:
2. THINGS COSTING MONEY/DEMOCRACY (She's mostly kidding!)

1 Things She's Looking Forward To:


Karrilee's 3-2-1's: 

3 Things She's Into:

2 Things She's Over:

1 Things She's Looking Forward To:

Road Trip Tips... Season 3, Episode 1

(You'll have to listen to the Pod to get the actual tips, Y'all... but here are our 3-2-1's!)

Kayelyn's 3-2-1's:

3 Things She's Into:
1. Apple Cider Vinegar (w/The Mother!) 
2. Over-sized T-shirts 
3. Chrisley Knows Best

2 Things She's Over:
1. 100-degree heat 
2. Being 'Behind" on work

1 Things She's Looking Forward To:
1. Seein' Stuff! (In the future, when she can afford eye surgery!)


Karrilee's 3-2-1's: 

3 Things She's Into:
1. Seeing the Stars at night! Wow! So pretty!
2. New Taylor Swift CD! 
3. Spicy Thai Pasta Salad

2 Things She's Over:
1. Potty Training Lil' Miss! (Or - you know... to be more accurate...)  
2. People Not Being Grown-Ups!

1 Things She's Looking Forward To:
1. Going on our Family Vacay to the Beach, of course!

DIY and other ways to spend Quarantine - Episode 033


Love is Blind on Netflix

Walmart Sun Hats
The Truman Show


Karrilee's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Hamilton Soundtrack (on repeat!)

2. Dave's new full-time job!

3. Super cute new Sun Hat from the Walmart!

2 Things she's Over:
   1. Quarantine/Phase 1.5
   2. Poor Internet Connection

1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Going back to Working in the Office!

Kayelyn's 3-2-1's:3 Things she's Into:
   1. Goodwill/Thrift Store Shopping


2. Hamilton - Play AND Soundtrack!   

3. Air Conditioner!

2 Things she's Over:
   1. Hand Soaps and Sanitizers saying Kills 99,9% of Germs
   2. Facebook Algorithm telling her to Like "Birds Aren't Real" (thinking she is a loon, I believe was her wording!)
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Cooler Weather!

Happy Birthday to me/us  - Episode 032


The 700 Club... (That is the show with 'the old guy and girl praying'!) 
  --and it WAS on the ABC Family line up!
Peacock (NBC Streaming)
Fuller House on Netflix

Calcium & Magnesium supplements


Karrilee's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Taking Calcium & Magnesium at bedtime... (+ a little Melatonin once In awhile just for fun --and deeper sleeping!)
   2. Summer Salads! (Cold Bean Salad, Bow Tie Pasta Salad, Pineapple Cucumber Salad, Easy Chicken Taco Salad, etc.)
   3. Reading again! The Virus gave me no bandwidth to read for awhile but I'm easing back into it and loving it! (Current reads are: Chasing Vines by Beth Moore and Open Book by Jessica Simpson)
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Working from Home/Lack of Set Office hours!
   2. Re-learning Podcast things and/or new technology!
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. HAMILTON on Disney+ (Premieres 7/3/2020)

Kayelyn's 3-2-1's:3 Things she's Into:
   1. Clear Skin! Found a skincare routine that is working and she loves it!
   2. Seinfeld on Hulu
   3. New Plant
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Coronavirus - and everything being closed!
   2. Herself! LOL! (And how she conducts herself!)
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Things opening up again and being able to go outside without a mask and eat INSIDE an actual restaurant that's locally owned!

All Things Mom... A Mother's Day Recap Episode  - Episode 031


The Five Love Languages
 (The Book on Amazon)
 (The FREE online test)


Kayelyn's 3-2-1's:3 Things she's Into:
   1. Her New Life (--Waking up at 4:30am)
   2. Curling her hair
   3. Re-watching Psych - the TV series
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Not playing on the Playgrounds
   2. Gross Water --she STILL needs a new filter!
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Church to be back open again because that first service back, worship will be AMAZING!

Karrilee's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Her Patio Life!
   2. Wilder Woods (Playlist on Spotify)
   3. The Chosen series on the life of Jesus (And "Some Good News" by John Krasinski)
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Heel Pain
   2. Losing Momentum to Workout... (due to heel pain!)
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. The Beach! LOL! (AND Working back in the office!)<3 i="" nbsp="">

Hello from the Inside... A Quarantine Episode - episode 030


DoTERRA Essential Oils

Gilmore Girls

Mother Goose Club 

Tiger King on Netflix

McMillions on Hulu

Baskets on Hulu

SPOTIFY Playlists:
Work Day Lounge Playlist
Lazy Jazz Cat
West Valley Foursquare Monthly Worship List 

New Music:
Steffany Gretzinger - Forever, Amen
Bethel Music - Peace
Dave Barnes - Dreaming in Electric Blue 


Kayelyn's 3-2-1's:3 Things she's Into:
   1. Plants!
   2. Baking!
   3. Workload & Promotion
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Quarantine
   2. Eugene Being Sick (He's getting better!)
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Leaving the House --Guilt Free!

Karrilee's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Having Lil' Miss a bit more -like before I went back to work!
   2. #YakimaCares Facebook Group!
   3. Still Working from home/Training
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Not Hugging! :(
   2. Not Grocery Shopping (or other shopping!)
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Traveling!<3 i="" nbsp="">

So January Happened (+ a Bonus Oscars Recap) - Episode 029


Best Dressed - Oscars 2020

Maya & Kristen at the Oscars

IS Adam Driver Hot?

Kayelyn's 3-2-1's:3 Things she's Into:
   1. Awards Season
   2. Clear Skin
   3. Caught up on Work (Almost!)
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Eugene's Sharp Claws
   2. Not Being Caught Up on Work Consistently!
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. An actual Work Schedule/Routine

Karrilee's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Work! Loving the new job!
   2. New Maybelline Eyebrow Pencil
   3.  IF:Gathering (Free streaming until Feb 10th at midnight CST)
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Sinus/Cold Bugs going around!
   2. Waiting SO LONG in between Hair appointments!
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Some fun Valentiney Crafting and Baking with Lil' Miss!

Reflect Back, Dream Forward - Episode 028

Erin Condren Day Planners
Lang Coffee Themed Calendar
10 Things To Tell You Podcast with Laura Tremaine
  (Episode 45 is the one with all the Questions!)

Ermahgerd, Berks!!! (aka The Books I Read - the 2019 Edition!) blog post

OneWord365 - Where you pick One Word to focus on throughout the year!

Kayelyn's 3-2-1's:3 Things she's Into:
   1. New Contacts Ordered! (Seeing, guys! She's finally into Seeing!)
   2. Skincare Routine 
   3. EUGENE!!! (their new kitty!)
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Crappy Self-Deprecating Sleep/Work schedule (that she is doing to herself!)
   2. The Mountain of (clean!?) Laundry!
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. The New Year (...and Counting Coins!)

Karrilee's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Lady Antebellum - Ocean
   2. FitBIt (Mostly the Sleep Tracker so far!)
   3.  Lil' Miss playing with her 'new' to her kitchen which is the same one that Kayelyn played with as a toddler, too!
2 Things she's Over:
   1. 2019, already!
   2. Colds, Viruses, Allergies, Oh My!
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Filling in New Calendars and Day Planners!


An Ode to Our Loathing of Winter - Episode 027


Kayelyn's 3-2-1's:3 Things she's Into:

   1. Monster Energy Drinks
   2. Cookies ("New Me, Tomorrow!") 
   3. Snow!
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Gaining Weight
   2. Smelly Cat (Resisting urge to link Meme!)
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Working... finally found a Good Rhythm

Karrilee's 3-2-1's:

3 Things she's Into:
   1. Modern Love on Amazon Prime (At least so far!)
   2. Advent/Decorations
   3.  Christmas Music
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Eye Brow Problems! ("They're sisters, not twins!")
   2. Adjustment to Balancing Time w/ Going Back to work, podcasting, blogging, Mimi-ing, etc!
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Holiday Festivities... Christmarkt at The Cascade Gardens

Cultivating a Grateful Heart - Episode 026


One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
Counting Blessings by Debby Boone
"The Other Christmas Gift" YouTube Video
Gilmore Girls (In case, somehow, you don't know!?)

Kayelyn's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Christmas Tree
   2. Eugene!!! (New Kitty!)
   3. New Shelf
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Cold 
   2. Ads on Facebook
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Thanksgiving!

Karrilee's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Crafting with Lil' Miss! 
   2. Encore! on Disney+
   3.  The Road Back To You Book Club study on fb
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Cold/Winter
   2. WIND!
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Decorating for Christmas (with Lil' Miss!) 
  And BONUS: Making It on NBC 

Fall Fashion - Episode 025


Kayelyn's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Kitty-Sitting for a friend!
   2. Plan to get a Kitten for Christmas!
   3. Pete Holmes Podcast called You Made It Weird
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Playing the Catch Up Game with work!
   2. Being Sick!
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Getting Caught Up at work!

Karrilee's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Local Positive Facebook group celebrating the beauty in our town!
   2. Wearing my hair down and curly (now that it's not so hot outside!)
   3. Covergirl Matte lipstick (Melting Pout Matte Liquid Lipstick - Secret)
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Facial hair --or as my sister calls it: Stray Eyebrows! (Mini shavers)
   2. Being cold in the middle of the night... Listen --I KNOW? ...but still!
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Getting a Paycheck on the regular! 

Random Questions & Opinions - Episode 024

Show Notes:

We used some Conversation Topic Generator websites to get some of the questions...




Kayelyn's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Magnetic False Eyelashes
   2. Pre-made Cookie Dough
   3. Fall Decor 
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Falling Behind at work
   2. Being cold
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Getting caught up on work

Karrilee's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime (New season coming soon!)
   2. Blogilates Monthly Challenge
   3. Library Books
2 Things she's Over:
   1. S-L-O-W Internet Connection at home
   2. Having to put away my Patio
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Family outing to the Pumpkin Patch

Be Kind to One Another ~for real! - Episode 023

Show Notes:
Just a few Scriptures on Kindness:
  Matthew 5:43-48
  Colossians 3:10-14
  1 Cor 13:4-7
  1 Cor 16:14
  Galatians 5:22-23
  Ephesians 4:32
  Philippians 4:5-8

Kayelyn's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Job - Being very supportive and understanding
   2. Scentsy 
   3. Working Out
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Death/People Leaving
   2. Contacts (rotating in her eyes!)
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Wearing her new Green Coat in cooler weather!

Karrilee's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Layers! (Thank you, Fall!)
   2. Earl Grey Tea w/a splash of Vanilla Creamer!
   3. Being sore from Working out!
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Death/Loss/Why's
   2. Buying Bigger Pants! Ugh!
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. MORE Fall Walks... (Walking Downtown, in Parks, and on Trails!)

FALL TV Picks & Previews for 2019:

Show Notes:

Here’s the Complete Fall 2019 TV Schedule for All 5 Broadcast Networks (This is the main article referenced that gives the days/times of each show!)

This article has many of the Trailers for the new shows all linked in one place... and it also covers several MIDSEASON shows that are coming that we didn't even get to!

These are our TOP PICKS for Fall 2019: 
(Each Show is linked to the trailer for Fall 2019...  #YoureWelcome!)


Shows We Watch Every Week :
The Voice
This Is Us
New Amsterdam
A Million Little Things

Shows We Watch (When We Remember) :
The Resident
The Good Doctor
NCIS (due to Ziva's return)

Bless This Mess
Single Parents
The Good Place (Final Season)
Modern Family (Final Season)

These are our TOP PICKS for that we hope are worth our time! (However... again... we are not into endorsing anything and we cannot recommend these yet... but we HOPE they make it!) 


Almost Family
All Rise
Bluff City Law

*These next three are Dark(er than we usually like or watch... but maybe?)
  Prodigal Son
  Evil (I couldn't get through the Trailer --so felt weird about linking it... but you can look it up on your own if you are interested!)
  Nancy Drew

The Unicorn
Carol's Second Act
Perfect Harmony

Streaming Shows & Upcoming Reboots:
Modern Love (Amazon Prime)
Four Weddings and a Funeral (Hulu)
Lizzie McGuire Reboot
High School Musical - The Musical
Mad About You Reboot
  (And this interview, too!)


Kayelyn's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Bloopers on YouTube (TV shows & Local Newscasts)
   2. TV in the Living Room
   3. Next Month: The Office Ladies Podcast
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Being 'Lazy' & Tired
   2. Fruit flies!
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Getting caught up on work --but mostly, celebrating her Girlies' birthday this week!

Karrilee's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Amazon Prime (aka Jack Ryan)
   2. My Camera + Autumn + Meandering Outdoors!
   3. Playing with & teaching Lil' Miss new things!
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Allergies (Aren't they just supposed to be in the Spring?)
   2. Sickness & Not Being Able to Help or Fix It! (#Enneagram2Problems!)
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Fall TV - of course!

Recapping Our Summer - Episode 021

Show Notes:
My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry by Fredrik Backman
Curious Faith by Logan Wolfram
Annie F. Downs' "That Sounds Fun!" Podcast
(Ennea-Summer series)

Kayelyn's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Home Decor - or 'Wall Art'
   2. Children's ibuprofen
   3. 13 Reasons Why (Netflix)
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Lil Miss being sick and needing medicine!
   2. Migraines
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. Getting back to work/back on schedule after vacation and sickness!

Karrilee's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Documentaries online
  (The Family on Netflix & Scientology & the Aftermath on Hulu)  
   2. Essential Oils & Diffuser
   3. Our Regional Library 
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Sickness & Disease (& still waiting for Miracles!)
   2. Not having a steady Community/church
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   1. FALL! (because, of course!)

Happy Podiversary! - Episode 020

Show Notes:
Taste & See Study by Margaret Feinberg
Curious Faith by Logan Wolfram
Storm Area 51 - They Can't Stop Us All facebook page
Walmart Plain Baseball caps
  *I Stand By Nothing!* & *I'm Not Gonna Debate This, Guys!* merch may be coming soon
Trey Kennedy facebook page
Library Books:
  My Grandmother asked me to tell you she's sorry by Fredrik Backman
  Meet Your Baker by Ellie Alexander
  The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah
The Changing Our Minds Podcast facebook page
  Our One Year Podcast Anniversary Giveaway

Kayelyn's 3-2-1's:

3 Things she's Into:
   1. Coffee (because it gives her lots of benefits!)
   2. The Wayfair App (Just a Click away from Happiness.)
   3. Buying $5 Bouquets for herself
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Not having Groceries (because she hates shopping!)
   2. Insects in the House!
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   (Shocker!) Our upcoming Beach Vacay!

Karrilee's 3-2-1's:

3 Things she's Into:
   1. Musicians/Spotify Playlists: 
        Passenger & Dave Barnes (Carry On, San Vicente)
   2. Veronica Mars on Hulu (* Update: Turns out I didn't love this after all!)
   3. Yesterday - The Movie! (SO GOOD, you guys!)
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Cancer (& other unidentified medical problems!)
   2. My own lack of Follow Through
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   The Worldcast Conference
      (Livestreaming 7/21-7/24!)
        Danny Silk
        Brian Simmons

Oh Hey Vacay! ...Episode 019

Show Notes:
10 Things To Tell You Podcast
Kayelyn's 3-2-1's:
3 Things she's Into:
   1. Working Out
   2. New Apartment
   3. Her online job via UpWork
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Lighting in Lil Miss' room
   2. Migraines
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   (Shocker!) Our upcoming Beach Vacay!

Karrilee's 3-2-1's:

3 Things she's Into:
   1. The Imposters (Netflix)
   2. Allergy Meds
   3. Husbands' new job!
2 Things she's Over:
   1. Lingering Cough
   2. Not having an Income
1 Thing she's Looking Forward to:
   Spontaneous Celebration Vacation Getaway!

While We've Been Gone... Episode 018

Show Notes:
Walmart Outdoor Blankets
Salt Lamp
White Noise Machine
Songland on NBC
West Wing DVDs

(Also, still thinking of Podcast products like: #EveryonesJealousofmyPantry, 
#StopBeingSoExciting, and #YouCantJustEatCheese!) 

Easterly Feels in Pastel... Episode 017

Show Notes:

And The Angels Were Silent by Max Lucado
The Final Week of Jesus by Max Lucado
The Gospel According to Matthew (Visual Bible)
The Miracle Maker (Claymation movie)
Mary Magdalene movie trailer
Breakthrough movie trailer
The Perfect Date - Netflix trailer
Dwayne Wade video

House on a Hill CD by Amanda Lindsey Cook 

On A Wing & A Prayer - Episode 016...

Show Notes:
Taste & See Book & Bible Study (& DVD's) by Margaret Feinberg
Brooklyn Nine Nine
SNL Skit... Now THAT's a Taco!
This is Us
The Enemy Within
The Village

Faith in the Waiting... Episode 015

Show Notes:

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper at the Oscars

(in case somehow you haven't seen it!?)

Mike Rowe:


Episode 14 - All Things Valentine:

Show Notes:

Again... Considering some Podcast Merch like, "Bad Feminists" or "We're Not Very Needy!" This may turn into a thing! Stay Tuned!

  As Kayelyn referred to him, the 'face tattoo guy' - Shayne Smith
Ted Bundy / Zac Efron Movie Trailer (Creepy... not necessarily endorsing this one, of course!)

Episode 13 - Goals, Resolutions, etc.:

Show Notes:

The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living by Meik Wiking

Episode 12 - New Year, New You (& Other Conspiracy Theories...)

Show Notes:
Estee Lauder Foundation
Prophetic New Year post
Colossians Series post
Microblading Eyebrows
💩 🍰 Merch... (Just kidding!)
Relevant Podcast
Bethel Music VICTORY Album
West Wing TV Series
Plum Organics Pouches
Gerber Pouches

And just for fun... and in case Y'all are NOT as lazy as we are:
Flat Earthers
Australian Conspiracy
Mt. Adams & UFO's
UFO's as Time Travel


Episode 11 - The Christmas Story - Gospel Edition..

Show Notes:
The Passion Translation Bible
The Star
Wonder & Joy Blog post
The Bible Binge Podcast (Specifically the current season on Advent!)
The Changing Our Minds Podcast Facebook Page


Episode 10 - All Things Christmas...

Show Notes:
Supermarket Flowers by Ed Sheeran
Fisher Price Nativity
Video of Lil Miss finding her gift:

French Breakfast Puff Recipe
Erin Condren Day Planners

  Mary Did You Know (Clay Aiken)
  Mistletoe (Justin Bieber)
  O Holy Night (Lauren Daigle)

  Justin Bieber  
  Crystal Lewis
  Harry Connick Jr.
  Jesus Culture/Kim Walker Smith
  Nicole C. Mullen
  Michael Buble
  Lauren Daigle

  The Grinch
  The Santa Clause 
  The Holiday
  While You Were Sleeping

The Bible Binge Podcast (Specifically the current season on Advent!)

The Changing Our Minds Podcast Facebook Page


Episode 9 - Attitude of Gratitude...

Show Notes:
one thousand gifts by Ann Voskamp
Christmas Presents - YouTube video 
The Ministry of Ordinary Places by Shannan Martin
Bryan & Katie Torwalt's new cd Praise Before My Breakthrough
Voxer App
The 49th Mystic by Ted Dekker

Reimagining the Examen 

Episode 8 - All Things Fall...

Show Notes: 
Imagined Life Podcast
The Popcast Podcast
(Again, Knox and Jamie also host The Bible Binge Podcast! Both are highly entertaining, and not religious - although they are Christians and the Bible Binge accurately retells Bible stories in a fresh way!)
Counting Blessings by Debby Boone
Sarah Scrunchies on Instagram... check out her handmade Hair Scrunchies!


Episode 7 - Fall TV and a Giveaway:


Episode 6 - And We're Back!

Show Notes: 
Oregon Coast Starfish Rebound
Be Held Lullabies for the Beloved CD by Christy Nockels
After All These Years CD by Brian and Jenn Johnson
Surprised by Motherhood (book) by Lisa Jo Baker
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Episode 5 - Summertime

Show Notes: 
SparkPeople.com (The free website I used to lose weight awhile back.)
"Sleep is Priority" T-shirt (Just kidding... but wouldn't that be funny?)
(And also: Uh oh... Proverbs 20:13)

My Stack of Summer Books:
    *You guys... obviously I need help with a good Summer FICTION read!
Art by Karrilee (...still feels a little self-promote-y!)   

All (--okay, only SOME) Things Enneagram: 
  A free Enneagram test (one of many available online!)

Episode 4 - What We Know For Sure

Show Notes: 
Day Planners:

Books on Self-Care & Sabbath


Episode 3 - Buzzfeed Quizzes:

Show Notes: 
  Hey, Joe!
  Buzzfeed Quizzes 

      *Listen... not all of these quizzes are recommended... proceed at your own discretion!


Episode 2 - Changing Our Minds:

Show Notes: 
  "You Say" by Lauren Diagle (Official Video)
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Episode 1 - Meet the Hosts: 

Show Notes:
  The Five Love Languages Quiz

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