July 16, 2019

Light from Distant Stars by Shawn Smucker... A Book Review post.


Two posts... in one day? I know... Honestly, I do! But our Colossians Series is on a set schedule, and this is Launch Day for Light from Distant Stars, so...

Here's the thing... I was not going to do anymore Book Launch Teams for awhile!  I had long been saying that I needed to add more fiction into my stacks of books and so I had already decided to pass on any invitations over the summer.  And then I saw this upcoming novel by Shawn Smucker and signed up right away!  
I know!? I can't help myself! Plus --bonus!-- I was reading his non-fiction book, Once We Were Strangers, and I was loving it! So I had some high expectations for this new release! I had heard a ton of great things about his other fiction works but haven't read them... however, (spoiler alert!) they are now on my list for summer reading!
I made it onto that Launch Team and I'm here today to encourage you to order a copy of Light from Distant Stars for yourself --or order a couple so you can give one away! You just may want to do that --so you can talk about it with a friend when you're done reading it! 

I had started reading Once We Were Strangers, also written by this author, before joining the launch team for Light from Distant Stars. So I already knew I would enjoy the book. I had been saying for months that I needed to add more fiction to my reading list so this was perfect timing!

I was hungry for a book that would draw me in and make me put off sleep for all the best reasons! So I had high hopes for this one, and Shawn Smucker did not disappoint!

Light from Distant Stars is a great story, with twists and turns throughout! The characters are fast friends and you won't want to put this down until the last page! Even then, you just may wish for more! 
This novel is full of intrigue and mystery mixed in with some spiritual wrestling and family dynamics! 
The author pulls you in with the first line and --you know how I love to underline, highlight, and dog-ear pages? Well, I usually don't do that with a novel but, you guys... some of the lines/paragraphs... woah!? So good! 
Here are a few more quotes from the book:

This gave me flashbacks to Frank Peretti's This Present Darkness and other similar classics... I loved how there was just enough spirituality in there --but no matter what your personal religious beliefs are, I think you will thoroughly enjoy this book! It's a perfect mix of mystery and intrigue!

If you are looking for a great summer read (or any time of year read!) --look no further! 

(You know it's a great novel when after finishing it, I immediately added his OTHER works to my Must Read Pile, too!)

BONUS: Keep an eye out for our soon upcoming Anniversary episode of The Changing Our Minds Podcast for a Giveaway that includes a copy of this book!
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  1. This book looks intriguing. Thank you fro sharing and writing a review. Maree

    1. It was such a great read! We are going to be hosting a Giveaway that will include a copy of this book on the podcast soon!

  2. I'm currently halfway through this book and am thoroughly enjoying it! Great review—thanks for sharing! Stopping by from #raralinkup

    1. Isn't it so good? I didn't want it to end! Thanks so much for stopping by, Laura!


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