April 2, 2019

The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman... A Book Review post.

Here's the thing... 
love pretty much everything
Emily P. Freeman does! 

I love her voice in every format. I fell in love with her words written first over on her blog back in the olden days... and ever since then, I've been a fan.  I read her first book, Grace for the Good Girl and realized part of why I love her so much is she writes so many pieces of my story within her own. 

Somehow I've been able to be a part of her launch teams for all of her other books so far: A Million Little Ways, Simply Tuesday, and now for The Next Right Thing!

I was able to interview Emily right here on the blog a few years ago and have met her in person once or twice. I've heard her speak a few times at writing events and semi-stalked her at venues. It's fine. She's not afraid. 

And then, of course, there is her Podcast! #Swoon

It took me a little while to figure out why I so adore her voice -whether it is live at a conference, on video, in print, or in audio form but I did... and this is why:

I love her voice because --well because it really is like an invitation to exhale... to slow and to savor... to breathe in deep and unwind and unclench and simply stop the striving and enter a bit of calm.

Turns out... she really does do what her tagline suggests:
She creates space for your soul to breathe!
And then she does this Podcast that turns into a book that is all about Decision Fatigue and feeling stuck and being in the in between...

In the book (and on the Podcast) she says things like this:


Here are just a few more the standout quotes from Emily in her new release, The Next Right Thing:
 "If we want to make more soulful life decisions, it doesn't start with the decision. It starts with the life... If life with God is better than life without God, then decisions made with an awareness of his presence will be better than decisions made without him. This begs the question: how can we make decisions as ourselves with God in mind? I want to suggest it doesn’t begin with the decision. It begins with the life."
"The decision is rarely the point. The point is you becoming more fully yourself in the presence of God."
"In the midst of this highly stimulating exterior world, I made a discovery about my interior world: the input is automatic. So where is the output? How am I regularly getting rid of the soul clutter I no longer need?"
"Silence serves as a colander, helping me discern what I need to hold on to and allowing what I need to fall gently away, making space to access courage and creativity, quieting to hear the voice of God."
"What I'm finding to be the most helpful more than any list, question, or sage advice is simply to get quiet in a room with Jesus on the regular, not for the sake of an answer, but for the sake of love."
"Be excessively gentle with yourself."
"Becoming a soul minimalist does not mean that you should hold on to nothing but rather that nothing should have a hold on you."
"Stillness is to my soul as de-cluttering is to my home."  
And this is only a few of the underlined and highlighted portions of my pdf copy! I am still waiting for my 'actual' hardback to arrive! 

I loved the whole thing! Every page is power packed with truth and wisdom and grace... and I loved the Prayers and Actions to take at the end of each chapter, too! So good! 

I really think this book is one
you will read over and over again...
I think it holds within its' pages
tips and tools that help to remind and refocus
your heart to lean in and listen...
and then to move forward and to simply...
Do The Next Right Thing in Love!

Listen... it's no secret the last couple of years have thrown us some wicked curveballs! We have been blindsided and found ourselves facing impossible decisions, one after another.  The Next Right Thing podcast started right when we were really battling over a few major things.  

I knew each weekend if I could just get to Tuesday -Emily's wise words and kind, soft voice would soothe any rough spots and breathe Hope back into my wounded heart. 

Like balm... her words and wisdom worked magic! 

We experienced loss of loved ones - suddenly, tragically, -more than one. We experienced sudden change or loss of jobs/careers/direction.  We experienced loss of income, stability, and drive or momentum. We had to decide which doors to close with nothing visible in front of us... no Door #3 to choose... we had to hover in the in between.  Often times it felt like we were suffering from decision fatigue... like we were stuck! God would remind me gently over and over that rather than seeing ourselves as stuck, why not picture us, instead, Held?

But all the while --and even still, Peace was present and we were creating space for our souls to breathe... to heal... to lean in and listen --to be willing to worship as we wait. And we are still being "Held" in this place of not knowing... but the grip of fear of choosing wrong is loosening and we sense Hope around the edges for whatever is Next!

So whether you feel 'held' or stuck in indecision, or you feel like you nail it every time, this book can help you to not only learn to wait but also to step forward into whatever is next. 
It helps you to make better decisions, yes...
but it can also help you to make a better life!

(I know? TWO posts, in ONE day! And both about Books!!!)
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  1. So so good! Yet another to add to the to read pile!

    1. Yes... it's one that you will want to buy and read it or refer to again and again! So good!

  2. Looking forward to my copy arriving. I pre-ordered it a while back, but as I live in the Netherlands it will probably take some time to get here. Emily's words are soaked in grace and truth. Just as yours are.

    1. That, right there, is THE BEST compliment!!! Thanks so much, Anna!

  3. Emily's fabulous ... and so is her podcast! I'm waiting for my copy to arrive and am kicking off The Next Right Thing Book Club in a few weeks!


    I'd love for you to join us, Karrilee!

    1. Thanks so much for the link! I'm gonna check it out and see if I can make it work! I'd love to join in if I can! Thanks for the invite! xoxo

  4. The quotes you shared are very helpful. Thanks for this review. Many blessings to you!

    1. The whole book is quote-worthy! Thanks so much for stopping by!


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