July 23, 2018

Changing Our Minds Podcast... Coming Soon!


UPDATE: Our Plans changed... and we are going LIVE tomorrow!

So... here's the thing: We were told it could take up to two weeks for iTunes to approve a new podcast. Apparently, not for us!

So what we planned for Launch Week in mid-August is all of the sudden may be happening right now?

Well --we'll start tomorrow with the actual podcast and maybe some of the Giveaway fun will wait for August because we are in the middle of real life, Y'all!

Also, 'they' say that you need to release several episodes during the first week so buckle up and subscribe... we'll be bringing you several 'mini' episodes over the next few days and then we will just Calm Down Already and get back to our normal goal/schedule of once or twice a month!

So come on back tomorrow for our first episode!


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