January 9, 2018

As the New Year Unfolds... The Importance of In AND With!

I love a full calendar and a bossy list of things to do --but not because I love to be busy... (read:I do not.) I love filling in and filling up a new week on my day planner because much of what I pencil in and write down these days are meetings with friends.

I am scheduling Gatherings where I'm being intentional... Some of them are just casual meetings or one on one time set aside in order to build up and pour out. Sometimes it is simply to catch up over coffee and chat, and sometimes it's to set aside time to pray together and press in and release His Kingdom... on earth, as it is in Heaven!

I hadn't been able to keep or make many of those kinds of meetings throughout most December. It seemed my Honey and I just kept passing some sort of bug back and forth in our little house throughout the entire month (or longer, to be honest!) and I was growing rather 7-ish in my impatience.  

You know, childish... stomping my foot a little in how my prayers were not being answered right now, today!


Please say I'm not alone in this. I think we all can fall into this stance without really being aware of it!

So a couple of days ago, I was reflecting over the past few weeks and I decided to simply ask Jesus what His thoughts were on it all. (Brilliant, I know!)

Let me back up a little...
This is what had happened:

Decades ago, the Lord sort of whispered this promise to my heart.  He told me something specific would happen, and when it did that would signal the beginning of a healing ministry for me. 

Well, I hadn't really been ASKING for a healing ministry so that was a little left field for me, but I hid it away in my heart anyway.  I believe in healing and I walk (mostly) in healing and I pray for healing for others with a varied amount of success, I would say.

After He said that, I dug in to the Word and I learned many verses dealing with healing.  I declared and decreed and I watched my faith grow. I stood on the Word and on His Promises and while I know His Name is not magic and He is no genie in a bottle, I had a gift of faith that healing would come. And it did... it has... it does... in big and little ways.

So all of that to say, in early December, the sign God had told me to look for all those years ago happened and I grabbed hold of that promise! 

And then: BAM! 

I got sick... and stayed sick. 
My Honey got sick... and stayed sick. 
Then our entire staff got sick... and stayed sick! (Sorry, guys!) 

It seems this is a rough winter all around and so many are battling sickness in one way or another.

So I stirred up my faith and read aloud my Scriptures like I was taking medicine! I listened to soaking music with verses spoken over it and prayed in my aching head and out loud to an empty room! I did all I knew to do and I stood... (and napped... but mostly, having done all, I stood!) Ephesians 6:13

I 'stood' for weeks and weeks... every few days I would feel better, but then it would come back with a vengeance. 

Finally I hit that point where it was either the doctor or --I don't know what... so I decided to really ask Jesus what His thoughts were at this point. I was not opposed to going to a doctor other than the lack of finances, but if He said Go --I'd go and He would provide, right?

Well - this is what happened next:

I set aside some time and I quieted my heart and my mind.  I turned on some instrumental music and invited the Presence of God to come close. I closed my eyes and opened my hands and I felt a deep, slow exhale. 

In my mind's eye or my imagination or however it's easiest for you to understand, I saw myself floating on my back in a slow moving river. I felt my body relax and sink in. I opened my eyes in this scene unfolding before me and I saw the skies above me. I took in the beauty of my surroundings and as I let my gaze drift down towards my feet, suddenly Jesus was sitting near my feet with his legs over each side of my floating lounger, dangling in the water. 

Joy exuded out from Him and His eyes danced as a smile spread wide across His face. 
"I'm so excited you're here! I've been waiting for you to come!"

I attempt to sit up and He stops me... "No, just Rest!"
And immediately, we are in a hammock beside the River.

He reminded me of Psalm 1 and of our special meeting place where I go in my mind to meet with Him! 

To be honest, I haven't 'gone' there for quite some time. Partially because of busyness and partially due to sickness. 

I've been quoting the Word and listening to Scripture but I hadn't actually been spending time with Him.

As this realization washed over me, He said,
"Yeah. You've been IN the Word, 
but not WITH The Word!"
and He winked at me. 

There was no shame or guilt. Just pure Joy and Excitement that I had come.

We spent some more time talking and relaxing together before my Bossy Lists beckoned me back to the here and now.
But it was the importance of being IN AND WITH that stuck with me and shifted my perspective!

We need both, right?

We need to be IN the Word, of course!  To dig in and spend time reading the Bible breathes life and gives wisdom and it holds all the answers to the questions we are too afraid to ask.

But we also need to be WITH The Word... to simply get in to the Presence of God without asking... without studying or trying to gain anything.  

He calls us friends of God and I don't know about you --but I make time to just hang out with my friends - with no agenda.  Some times we have a reason or a task to get together and accomplish but many times we gather around just to goof off and play or to talk about things weighing heavy on our hearts.  

Jesus wants the same kind of friendship... 
the same kind of connection!

He is really smart and He is no magic trick... 
No genie in a bottle.  

The Word is true and it is a weapon and by all means, 
be IN it and wield it and put it to use... 
just don't forget to be WITH The Word, as well!

Combining the two, I am finding 
(again and again and again!), 
is where the real power is! 

That is where the true heart to Heart connection deepens
and we see the fullness of His Promises unfold
with all the Yes and Amens!


  1. Yup, THIS ministers to me today. In or With. Good stuff Ms K...xo

    1. In AND With! Yes... it is ministering to me as well! Love you! xoxo

  2. Wow! That is some vision and revelation you had. We've battled a lot of illness over the Holiday season too and I was a total grouch. I often notice the extra pressure that piles on before the breakthrough. It looks like that's what your headed for (the breakthrough side) and I am so happy for you!

    1. Yes and Amen!!! Thanks so much, Natalie! Hope you are all feeling better as well!

  3. Such a beautiful truth. Thanks for sharing your reflection. I am not good in the waiting time.

    1. Why is it that the waiting is so hard? Thanks so much for stopping by, Amanda!

  4. You are so wise friend. Always knowing when to lean into God! Waiting is so hard but God has a way of reminding us that sometimes the waiting is necessary. Love ya friend!

    1. Seriously... (almost?) always the waiting is necessary! He's just so much smarter than we are! Love you right back!

  5. I love this! He has called the same to me through this past year of stillness: "Come in here with me, I'm already here waiting for you!" In AND With. So good. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much, Bettie! He's oh so patient with me and I am oh so thankful!

  6. Thank you for continually sharing what God is doing in your life. Your words minister to me so much. Blessings!


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