March 23, 2017

God In The New Journey: Being Brave Enough to Step Out...

aka: Who told you that you could have
a Comfort Zone?

"Listen, I say this all the time: Saying this big, huge, life-changing Yes didn’t feel as much Brave as it did Crazy!  It was completely out of character for us.

However, my husband decided at the first of that New Year that he wanted to be more spontaneous and take more risks. He wanted to change things up a bit and be, his words –not mine, less predictable.

If I’m honest, and I am that, those words caused a mild panic attack to start to flutter around deep inside of me. I liked that he was steady and sure. But at the corners of my heart, I knew this was going to be a year of adventure and beyond the anxious flutters was an anticipation for God to show up and show off for us like never before.

I had NO IDEA…"


I am honored to be over at my friend Christine Duncans' corner of the interwebs today, sharing more on Saying Yes to God for her blog series, God in the New Journey.

I'd love for you to join me there to read the rest of the story!

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