February 6, 2017

Let Your Love Shine... a Valentine Friendship Dayspring Post

Hey friends!  I have been a bit absent around here lately because, well --IF:Gathering 2017!  I've been all in since day one (back in 2014) but it started with a handful of friends, super low key, gathered in my living room... and it has grown to a church event which requires a bit more. (#understatement!) It also brings forth more fruit! Still... I've missed you all and hanging out in this space with you!

I am still processing all that I got out of IF... that post will come soon!  But today I wanted to come and talk a little bit about Love (and Friendship and Valentine's Day and Dayspring, sure... but mostly Love!)

I partner with Dayspring and that is because I am so passionate about not only their amazing products from jewelry and coffee cups (hello, pretty!) to cards and gifts and home decor, but I am also passionate about the heart behind the company and the community that they have built.

It's almost Valentine's Day and if you know me at all, well then--you know I love love!

I'm a bit of a romantic... but not in the over the top, spend a ton of money, way.  More in the practical, day to day, love wins kind of way!

Way back in the day, when our Girlie was still little, the Lord put it on my heart to make Valentine's Day less about Romance and more about Love.

We started a tradition of sharing a meal as a family, often times inviting other friends to join us for dinner on February 14th.  We would also take communion together, reflecting on the One who always, always loves us best!  

We made it a day full of love... for family, for friends, for neighbors, for strangers that God would highlight for us to bless... it was a great adventure and it broadened our approach to this 'made up holiday'!

So as our calendars turn and we may feel all the pressure for love to be romantic and swoon-worthy and mushy... I would love to encourage you to lift your vision a little higher... or wider, and let Love Himself guide you to who to love --on Feb. 14th, sure --but on every day!

And hey... if you want to give a little gift along the way, Dayspring is here to hook you up!

I love that Dayspring offers all kinds of Love and right now (Feb 1-8th) they are having a Valentine’s Day Friendship Sale. All the items are 50% off. Like this adorable little gift set from Sadie Robertson that comes with a little trinket dish, a journal, and jumbo notepad with matching gift bag and tissue included!

From Gift Sets to cards to lovely coffee cups (you know me!) - Dayspring makes gift giving easy and special!

(Sale ends Wednesday, February 8th.)

(And orders at Dayspring qualify for free shipping on $50.00 or more so... they are making it really hard for you NOT to share the love this Valentine's Day!) 


*This was a (rare) sponsored post. Also, Affiliate links were used, which just means the sale price is the same for you, but I get a little kick back for talking you into buying! 

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  1. Oh friend, it was so good to see you back in this place. I love the traditions you started with your family. That is something I would love. Valentines Day is single awareness day for me in a lot of ways. I try not to focus on that but sometimes one cannot help but go there. Love you friend!

  2. Karrilee, I am NOT a shopper, so you have saved me from the horror of having to go slogging through websites to find all the fun things!

  3. I love all of the beautiful products from DaySpring. I can't wait to hear more about IF Gathering!

  4. Oooooooo! I love the Sadie Robertson line of stuff!!!
    So glad you stop by #MomentsofHope each week! I appreciate you!


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