August 11, 2016

Decorating with Words That Matter... a Dayspring post.

I stated on Instagram last week that I am like the worst affiliate ever. It's just because I forget! (Oh --and because I am so non-techy! I'm the worst.)

I only partner with Dayspring and that is because I am so passionate about not only their amazing products from jewelry and coffee cups (hello, pretty!) to cards and home decor, but I am also passionate about the heart behind the company and the community that they have built.

I love that Dayspring offers all kinds of Lovely to decorate my home (or myself... hello scarves, necklaces, and #armparty fun!) that point to my faith in a fashionable way. I love word art anyway, but word art that is based on, you know, The Word... that's a win-win! 

And home decor that speaks life, 
   well-- that's sort of my deal!

I remember when this line of Letterpress Blocks first came out and they invited me to help spread the word. I happened to be blogging that month about how to enter in to His Rest and about the importance of renewing our minds and speaking life, so of course the new line of blocks --with the hashtag #wordsmatter, was a perfect fit!

I blogged about them and shared some photo's of how I put mine to use:

But like I said, I don't remember to link to my affiliate in my posts much because I don't write about products or sales as much as I write about Presence or Seeking.

Still... because I adore y'all and I don't want you to miss this, I thought I would just join the two (or four) for this post, because this sale is great and decorating your life with words that matter can point us to His Presence and remind us to fill our minds and homes with seeking and finding!

There are two different sets available. One is Everyday Words, (which is what I have!) and the other is Inspirational Words.  Both sets are so versatile and because y'all know how I can't pick a favorite, what I love the most about these sets is that they mix and match and you have so many word and phrasing choices!

Just look at all the phrases and words you can create!  

The Blocks come with easy to follow instructions for connecting as well as for hanging.

These are so easy to switch out and change around! This set (and the other one too, I am sure!) gives so many choices in decorating for a special occasion or just to help freshen up your decor! 

The little clips snap into the grooves and connect the blocks both horizontally and/or vertically. No hammer or tools necessary to form your words or phrases! (Now hanging, of course, is a different story - but still super user-friendly!)

I choose not to hang this set (yet) - but instead I am using them on our entry table, then changing them around and placing them on our Mantle, and next, I laid them down and used them as a center piece on our coffee table!


If you are still not convinced and want more fun ways to display these letter blocks, read this article over on Dayspring... and then brace yourself because these sets are normally $120.00 and they are on sale now for 60% off! 

(Sale ends Thursday, August 18th)

That makes them just $50.00 y'all!
That's a steal of a deal! This set would make a great house warming or wedding gift, too - but you know you pretty much want it for yourself!

(And orders at Dayspring qualify for free shipping on $50.00 or more so... they are making it really hard for you NOT to buy these!) 


*Affiliate link used, which just means the sale price is the same for you, but I get a little kick back for talking you into buying! 

If you decide to buy, let me know which set you choose in the comments below and how you plan to use them! (I could use some more ideas myself!)


  1. These are super cute!

    1. They really are! I'd been eyeing them for some time but I just couldn't do it for the full price... it's worth it - but... my budget! ;) This is such a great deal, I thought if anyone was feeling like me - they may want to know about this sale! (LOVED your post today, friend!)


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