December 4, 2015

Tis the Season (and other expectations!) - A Five Minute Friday Post

I was sitting in front of this screen all day yesterday working on editing a wedding and by dinnertime I was so ready to look away and relax. Only I completely forgot it was Thursday!  So I made it late to the party, but I made it! If you haven't joined in with the #fmfparty community over on Twitter, I highly encourage you to come check us out next week! It's one of the most amazing, encouraging communities online!

This is Five Minute Friday (- a five minute timed free write) and our One Word Prompt for the day is: SEASON


Tis the Season...

It's the first thing that came to mind when I saw the prompt because, of course!

And also because, it is

It IS the season...
"Tis the season to be jolly...fa la la la la, la la la la"
But here's the thing:
What if you're not

What if you are not feeling jolly?  What if you just can't muster up some Christmas cheer?  What if the deadlines and the headlines and the shopping lines all have you standing on your last nerve and what you really feel is anything but jolly? Anything but fa la la la la... what then?

I am well aware that I live a fairly charmed life. 

I am blessed and thankful and my disposition is one that leans more toward joy and jolly than it does toward depression and darkness... but this world we live in surrounds us on all sides and it pushes in tight.  Even if we somehow escape it, those we love feel that downward pull and the holidays seem to trigger so many open doors that the enemy just walks right in as if he was invited to the party.

I am learning the balance between slowing and giving in to the sadness and longing of Advent, and leaning in to the joy of the fact that He came... He is here, and He is coming again! 

There is a balance... a permission I think we must give ourselves and those around us, to feel both.  To feel the heaviness of this world, but to remember that we have a Savior who carries every burden... who paid the price and who bought our freedom and He promises that His yoke is easy and His burden is light. (It's just that sometimes we forget!)

At Christmas time, we remember that He came wrapped in swaddling clothes, laid in a manger... but let's not forget that He left His mark, His blood stained on a different kind of tree, --naked and laid out so He could beat death, hell, and the grave and rise up in victory, keys in His hand and Light shining forth!

I think we are called to be real, to be authentic, and for the love -let's not pretend and just push through this season! 

Let's be honest and if there is darkness around our edges, let's acknowledge it... let's ask for prayer... let's remember that Jesus is the Light of the world and oh my goodness how our world --our family, our friends, our neighbors, maybe even our own souls-- need to see how bright even a little Light can shine!

For truly, in this season, a weary world rejoices!


So don't put on that Pinterest-worthy mask of Perfection and push through the holidays only to find yourself drained and numb... instead, slow and give space for Him to hear your heart --for He already knows what is heavy on it.  I believe He wants you to remember that whatever is weighing you down, friend --If it concerns you then it concerns Him, too!

Do we want the Decked out halls and all the Jolly? Of course... let's look for the joy - let's expect it and make room for it! But if you just aren't feeling it... let's make room for that too.  

Let's remember that in our instant, we-want-it-now world - Jesus comes - but He never comes in a hurry. It took over 400 years of silence before a Child was born, before a Son was given... before the Messiah became flesh and blood among us.  So even in the quiet, in the darkness... He hears... He knows... He shines brightly!

Tis the Season to remember, more than anything else, this Truth:
He came!  He is Here!
 And He is coming for you, still!

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  1. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Yup this one rings true. I've known many sad seasons (we lost mum years ago, just before Christmas - her funeral was Christmas eve). And it's good to just be with people who are sad, not to try to fix them or jolly them up, especially not with trimmings. Eventually the true joy, and the true reasons win out. I love Christmas now, for all the right reasons.

    1. Amen, my friend! I think we have all been guilty of trying to 'fix' people or situations... even with the best of intentions... and so much Amen to the fact that eventually, the true joy of Christmas wins out! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. "Permission to feel both."

    That brings tears to my eyes. I'm not 100% sure why. I think, maybe, in that is where real authenticity lies. Yes, God is here with me, right now, in this moment. Yes, He will see me through. But I'm still weary. My body still hurts. If I can love and praise Him even as the waves of ache crash against me...maybe that's the best kind of worship.

    1. So Much AMen, my friend! I think the sacrifices of praise that we offer up are that much sweeter to Him! Love you so and praying weariness and aches subside as joy increases! (Even as I type that I hear, "Through it all... through it all - my eyes are on You. Through it all... through it all it is well..."

  3. Yes! Thanks friend! A weary world does indeed rejoice. Thank You to all of you for reminding me how a little can shine and make a huge difference. I'm parked in the #46 spot.

    1. Love you friend! Even in this dark week... you shine bright because He shines through you!

  4. "Permission to feel both". Yes! So true. Thanks for speaking what is on the hearts of many, I'm sure.

    1. I think so often we feel pressure for one of the other, right? Thanks so much for stopping by Heidi!

  5. Karrilee,
    so many good things in here! (Fa la la la twin of the PNW!!)
    "To feel the heaviness of this world, but to remember that we have a Savior who carries every burden... who paid the price and who bought our freedom and He promises that His yoke is easy and His burden is light."
    Love this contrast and the hope it represents.
    Also that you point out that miracles are not swift, but are certain. In His time.
    You brought a lot in this five minute offering, as you often do!
    Thanks again!
    (#6 on FMF)

    1. LOL - I find I often write freer with that little timer egging me on somehow! ;) So glad you stopped by, twinnie!

  6. "Giving in to the sadness and longing of Advent." Beautiful perspective, Karrilee.

    1. I find it so amazing -- our own impatience... in light of Advent and all those years (and years and YEARS!) of longing! So thankful you stopped by, Dianne! (And thanks for sharing on Twitter as well!) xoxo

  7. Love this and it actually gave me a chill (I literally shuddered)! "Jesus comes... but He never comes in a hurry" (which is in contradiction to our)... "deadlines, headlines, shopping lines" driven society. Thank you Kerrilee for reminding me which message I am to carry.

    1. Ya gotta love those Holy Ghost chills, right? And don't we always want Him to come rushing right in? Rush and Hurry are not on His radar because He lives and moves outside of time... but Oh how He comes! Thanks so much for stopping by Tondra!

  8. I love how you described the tension of the longing and the joy. Embracing slowness is something the Lord is teaching me during this season of life, so I really appreciated this! Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. It can be so counter-cultural, right? Especially in this season! But it is priceless! Here, here, to slowing down and being present! Thanks so much for stopping by, Leslie!


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