October 4, 2014

That Thing I Do Now - Vol 64

Happy Weekend, ya'll! I hope you are enjoying Autumn in all her slow unfurling!

I had a friend Vox me pictures of the trees on her walk around her neighborhood and they are all already showing off Autumn Glory... here, the leaves are just beginning to change! I did make my first batch of Pumpkin Spice Chocolate chip cookies though - so Fall has arrived... and I am hoping to have all my Harvest decor out by the end of the weekend!  

It is October, and in Blogland that means a plethora of 31Days series to read and so these lists will be a little shorter, but I will also feature a new (to me) Blogger and one of her 31 Days posts each week! With all the busy and reading and writing, I still managed to gather up some great reads for your entertainment! I would hate to have you miss these posts!

Featured today are posts by Sarah Bessey, Jennifer Dukes Lee, Ann Voskamp, Alia Joy, Rachel Haltiwanger (#Write31Days) and - of course - a video!
Happy Reading! 

(Ya'll know to click on the authors' names to read their whole posts, yes?)

* This one by Sarah Bessey on Women in Bikini's...
"I’m so thankful that I have friends who wear bikinis.

These women set me a bit more free with the glorious sight of their own freedom.

There is something about seeing women who walk in a freedom that we don’t yet enjoy that ignites us. I’ve had the same feeling when I saw women doing something I longed to do myself and hadn’t yet gathered the courage or conviction to step into.

When I see women enjoying a freedom that I can’t yet imagine, I think: I’m going to get there. I have a vision now for a new area of freedom and wholeness in my life. Whether it’s in my vocation and calling, my opinions and daily life, my priorities or whatever, I want to get there.

This is what I love about my friends. They challenge me simply by living their lives."

* This one by Jennifer Dukes Lee with For Our Monday:Reminding Ourselves What We Really Believe ...
"God is not irritated by my weakness,
surprised by my mistakes,
impressed by my goodness,
or shocked at my overwhelming need for His grace.

I believe in a God so extravagant with grace that he irritates every legalist, while outshining a whole room full of Mother Teresa’s. This same God is so holy that His presence will compel both the proud and the humble to fall their knees."

This post by Ann Voskamp over at A Holy Experience with Dear You... a letter for all of the hard days...
"And every day, with every word, we get to decide: Do we mar the world, or mark the world?And every day, with every word, we get to decide: Do we mar the world, or mark the world?

Why in the world disdain the small? It’s always the smallest strokes that add up to the greatest masterpieces.

Because the thing really is: Do we ever really know which mark we make — that will matter the most? The extraordinary things happen nowhere else but in the everyday and today can always be the beginning...

* This post by Alia Joy over at Incourage.me with Every True Thing...

I turn on praise songs even when my eyes are weary and tear-stained. I tell them this is not hypocrisy; this is obedience and there is a difference. Hypocrisy is born out of make believe and pretense, and there is nothing flimsy about this kind of faith. This is the faith that says Lord, I believe, help my unbelief. It’s profession, petition, and praise. I teach them in their weakness to always ask for help. It’s wise to know we need it."

* This 31 Days series, 31 Days of Misft Faith by Rachel Haltiwanger over at The Inspired Story...
"I want a place where all of us with broken, flawed, unwanted, and otherwise misfit faith can be together. As I’ve talked to people about what they believe and why they believe it, what they doubt and why they doubt it, I’ve found that all of us are a little bit misfit, and maybe it’s time to make our own island.

My faith doesn’t look like it did when I was a child. It doesn’t look like the faith of other members of my church, or other members of my family. It probably doesn’t look like it will in three years, and that’s okay. This month, I want to talk about the church as a community of misfits. I want to pray for our misfit faith and look at other people’s misfit faith. I want to write about family and church and friends. I want to talk about doubt and belief and hope and discouragement."

* This one right HERE from my own series, 31 Days of Resting in Him where I give my Introduction to the series, aka Really, Lord? I mean, Really?...
"This is the Introduction, also known as, "Really, Lord? I mean, really!?" (because, as I stated on facebook earlier, clearly I am a mature adult who has learned to no longer argue with God.) Except, 'clearly' I am not.  I just wrote about how I am not that last week, when He so boldly answered my half-hearted prayer on what He wanted me to write about!

I wanted to play along but I wanted Him to make it easy. You know... something light and fun... something that wouldn't cost me anything. (I know... but sometimes I just speak the truth, ya'll!)  So honestly, that was my plan.  No praying about it... no asking... just jump in and do what I want, which was not much - I wanted to do not much!"

And lastly... the video... because, that is how we do! This is the announcement of the Fall Bloom book club book and I am reading it now and let me tell you - it's gonna be great! Plus - how fun is this:

Happy Weekend, ya'll!

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